17 workouts to try in 2017

Hate working out at the gym? Think you tried all the other types of workouts 10 years ago? This list is for you. Times have changed and while you can still find a typical jazzercise class or aerobics class, Calgary now offers many more fitness options.

  1. Barre workouts If you've ever dreamed of being a ballerina or simply like being graceful when you workout, than a barre workout could be for you. Barre classes involve a variety of pilates like exercises focussed on your legs. The classes do a great job of working different leg muscles while also working on your coordination, balance and flexibility. Just make sure the barre classes have the re at the end.
  1. 2. Spin Classes While spin classes have been around for decades, they've really taken off since Soul Cycle's rise to popularity. While there currently isn't a Soul Cycle in Calgary, rest assured there is a spin studio or class to suit your needs. Whether you want more of a night club atmosphere, a road cycle simulation or a typical gym setting all of the classes are substantially better than cycling on a stationary bike in an enclosed room should be. Spin classes are great for getting some good cardio,  working your legs and a dose of positivity.
spin class
  1. Boxing Workout If you feel like letting loose some punches, a boxing workout could be your thing. Just like spin there are many different option to choose from, whether you just want to just aggressively throw some punches on a bag, jab to some beats or really step in a ring. As well as working your arms and cardio, boxing will leave your hands super sweaty so leave some time afterwards before you schedule meetings or need to shake hands.
  1. Aerial Yoga If regular yoga is too boring for you or you enjoy hanging in the air aerial yoga could be your thing. If you have troubles balancing during regular yoga poses adding the element of being suspended in the air can both help and terrify you. As well as improving flexibility, aerial yoga gives you a ton of cool poses for a great facebook or instagram picture. It can also help people with back problems.
Anti Gravity Shoot at Om Factory
  1. Obstacle Course Racing You've probably seen someone's facebook status update about completing a spartan race or other obstacle course race.  Why not get in on the action yourself? As well as the numerous obstacle course races that come to Calgary, there are now special facilities, classes and programs to specifically train for obstacle course races. You can climb cargo nets, swing across monkey bars, run up warped walls and tackle salmon ladders. Afterwards you can leave feeling like you're some sort of superdog or ninja warrior. It's a great workout for your whole body although it does require a base fitness level to get started and also comes with a higher risk of injury.
  1. Crossfit Unless you've lived under a rock you've probably heard someone talk about crossfit. Since it's growth it's attracted both a cult following and a cult like hatred. If you like a class style workout that incorporates all elements of fitness or enjoy pushing yourself and competing against others, you'd probably thrive in a crossfit box. As it's entire focus is on fitness, you will get a great whole body workout that improves your strength and cardio. If you want to keep your non crossfit friends, just make sure you don't talk about it all the time.
  1. Pickleball If you're a fan of racquet sports try out pickleball. If you hate racquet sports try out pickleball. While it may have the weirdest name for a sport, it's easy enough to pick up so that anyone can casually play.  It also still gives you a lot of opportunity to develop skills and grow, even if you aren't in the best shape. Because it doesn't require a lot of skill or athleticism to start off with, it's a good game for families to avoid the frustrations of learning a new sport, unfortunately you'll never escape the frustrations of family members winning or losing a game against each other.
  1. Quidditch No it's not just an imaginary game. While kids that grew up with Harry Potter may no longer believe in wizards, they do believe in trying to recreate the sport of Quidditch by running around fields with a broom between their legs. Imagining yourself in an imaginary world may certainly help as quidditch involves a great deal of running and coordination to hold a broom and chase multiple balls. Play a sport and escape into an imaginary world at the same time.
  1. Bubble Soccer Because regular soccer became too boring. If you want to prevent injury or just want to run into people or be stuffed into an inflatable ball try out bubble soccer. Something resembling an actual soccer game may or may not happen. Regardless of how well the soccer game goes though, you'll come out hot and sweaty.
  1. Fat Biking Because people couldn't just stop riding in the winter, which let's face it lasts awhile in the mountains.  Have you ever biked through snow packed paths? Now you can.  Even the Calgary Police Service uses fat bikes so if you don't want to miss out on two wheeled fun, try it out. As long as you can you know how to ride a regular bike, it'll be like riding a bike, it just takes a bit more power.
  1. Acro Yoga If regular yoga is just too boring add in a partner and the thrill of falling from or dropping said partner. It's great for taking your relationship to the next level and finding someone you can really trust. Needless to say, if you don't want to rely on another person this probably isn't a good workout for you. If it is though you'll get to socialize, build strength and flexibility and have some cool tricks to show off at a party. A base fitness level is also required for this.
  1. Pole dancing Pole dancing isn't just for adult entertainment venues. Turns out a lot more people love working out on the pole than would support paying to do so. In fact it's so popular many people install poles in their house.  While some enjoy the sassy and sexy side of pole, others enjoy the athleticism. If you want to try it be prepared to work your arms, core and feel far less sexy than you imagined initially.
  1. Slacklining If balance is your strong suit give this a shot. Slacklines are relatively cheap to purchase and relatively hard to get the hang of. Failure is part of the fun in this activity and once you get the hang of it there are a plethora of other things you can try and do on the slacklines. It's great for laughs, leg and core strength and of course balance. Unfortunately while there are many slackline enthusiasts in Calgary, the fact you can't slackline in many city parks puts a damper on this activity. Election issue here we go.
  1. Parkour Remember how people used to yell at you for climbing up walls as a kid? Well they'll probably just look at you weirdly if you do it as an adult. Climb up, run across and learn how to do tricks in a safeish environment at one of the parkour gyms. After that you can take your skills outside or wherever else you want to. It's another activity which you could spend a lifetime learning and involves working on your cardio, strength and flexibility.
  1. MMA With the rise in popularity of UFC and MMA it's not surprising that more people are interested in learning the basics of  Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and more. You're pretty much guaranteed to get a grueling workout in any of these and it's another great way to unleash some aggression, even if you don't have any ring aspirations.
  1. Surfset Remember when you were a kid and you used to be able to use your imagination? If you do that in a surfset class you might just be able to pretend you're surfing by a beach. Something that is great to visualize during a Calgary winter. Either that or you'll just feel unstable. Work your core, balance and hopefully find your way to a warm destination in a surfset class.
  1. Spikeball Spikeball has made spiking a ball into a net way more fun than it should be. While most people play it as a backyard barbecue game, there are leagues around North America and it wouldn't be long before one starts in Calgary so might as well get a head start. Or just dominate in the backyard. Spikeball is played in teams of two so it can make it great for double date night. While it doesn't necessarily require a lot of running around, depending on who you're playing with and how competitive they are, game pace can quickly pick up and involve a lot of diving and jumping.

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