20 Things to do in Calgary before summer ends

Summer’s short in Calgary so make the most of it and get active with these 20 fun summer activities.

1)Explore a new park. There are close to 100 parks in Calgary and the surrounding area and chances are that you haven’t explored them all. In Calgary Dale Hodges Park just opened this year. Ralph Klein Park, Silver Springs Garden, Reader Rock Garden and Griffith Woods are some other often overlooked parks in Calgary. Just a half hour away from Calgary are Big Hill Springs, Glenbow Ranch, Sheep River, Ann and Sandy Cross and Brown-Lowery parks.

2) Kayak or Canoe If you don’t live on a lake, head out to the Glenmore Reservoir or Bowness Park to rent a canoe or kayak. The reservoir just got new clear bottomed kayaks.

3) Hit the gym While you can get some great workouts outdoors, it’s always good to throw in some weight training. It helps keep you injury free and also helps your bone density. Trico Centre has free one week passes for the summer and Evolve Strength lets members bring in friends for free for August and also offers a one week trial.

4) Run some stairs Get in some high intensity cardio by running some stairs. If you go to one of the popular spots you’ll also be sure to get a few high fives and cheers.

5) Lawn Bowling Just like bowling, lawn bowling is a sport everyone can do. It’s very affordable and a great way to spend a laid back afternoon with your friends.

6) Head to the Rink If you need some air conditioning and want to get some exercise, the rink is the best place to be.

7) Go on a walking tour Be a tourist in your own city. Walk the YYC offers several tours, including a ghost tour. There are also cemetery tours put on by the City and historic walking tours of Chestermere and Elliston Park run by Shelly McElroy.

8) Try out a scooter E-scooters are everywhere and people of all ages are hopping on them and having fun. If you haven’t already done so, hope on a scooter and try it out.

9) Hit up a farmer’s market Get some of the best and freshest fruits and vegetables by heading to a farmer’s market. Even people that don’t usually like vegetables can be inspired by a trip to the farmer’s market in the middle of summer.

10) Try an outdoor workout. Get a workout in while catching some rays. There is a ton of outdoor bootcamp classes. You can also catch a HIGH Fitness class for free on Fridays at East Village and YYC Fit Fam hosts a free workout or run every Wednesday at 6:15am.

11) Run with a crew. There are tons of different run crews in Calgary. Most are suitable for all levels, so even if you’ve never ran before you can join in. It’s a great place to meet people and get some extra motivation or to try out some new run routes.

12) Dance outside Anytime is a good time to dance but in the summer you can dance outside, without a jacket! Swing dance lessons and social dancing are held at Poppy Plaza, and latin dance lessons and social dancing are held at Stephen Avenue and Containr. Check out more here.

13) Use an outdoor pool. Relive your childhood swimming memories and head to an outdoor pool. For a more quiet or intimate experience The Marda Loop pool is quiet weekday mornings and other pools can be booked for an affordable price if you want to have a private pool party. If you want an upscale pool experience Hotel Arts has a drop in fee for the public if the pool is not at capacity.

14) Try a new sport or pick a sport back up. If you’ve been inspired by the Toronto Raptors win, head to East Village’s newly created and temporary Bounce Park or enter YYCJam, a 3on3 basketball tournament. There’s also some fun outdoor sports that you may not have tried before. Ultimate frisbee, padelball, pickleball are all offering free sessions this summer so anyone can play, info here.

15) Outdoor fitness park There are more than 25 outdoor fitness parks in Calgary. While they haven’t really taken off, they’re generally pretty quiet places where you can get some exercise. It’s a good time to try out some of the equipment and go through some circuits.

16) Outdoor yoga Even if you aren’t a yogi, stretching out in the sun or shade is a good way to spend the hour. You can find outdoor yoga lots of days of the week for a cheap price. Most classes are open to all levels and are laid back.

17) Frisbee Golf Calgary has 4 disc golf courses open to the public and there are 2 more public courses just outside the city. It’s free to play at most courses and all you need are some discs.

18) Climb The rocky mountains are a great spot for climbing, so try and take advantage of it. If you haven’t tried climbing before Global Climbing Day is August 24. Calgary Climbing Centre will be offering free climbing courses for adults to learn the ropes and families can go climb at the climbpark for the day.

19) Berry picking There isn’t an abundance of fruit grown in Calgary so make sure you get it while you can. There are some wild raspberries and a lot of saskatoons that can be picked in Calgary parks. You can also head out to Saskatoon Farm or Sweet Life Saskatoon, if you want some easier pickings and a fun farm visit just minutes out of Calgary.

20) Go for a hike. There are far too many hikes surrounding us to ever cover them all, and some are so good that you’ll want to do a few times anyways so definitely try and go for a hike this month. If you need a partner, supplies or need to find some hikes check out this article.

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