7 Cool Things to Do on Your Lunch Break in Downtown Calgary

Bored of hitting the gym during your lunch hour? If you’re working downtown there’s plenty to do to get moving and come back reenergized for the rest of your workday.

  1. Ice Skate In the winter Olympic Plaza and Prince’s Island open up for skating.  It’s free to hop on and skate and as Olympic Plaza is refrigerated and regularly flooded with a zamboni, the ice is excellent. Olympic Plaza also offer rentals. Prince’s Island has a larger skating surface and it seems picturesque skating in the park while also enjoying great views of the city.
  2. River Surf When the ice melts head to the 10th Street wave where you can take part in some river surfing. Not only can you surf in Calgary, you can do it blocks away from your work. Lessons are offered in the spring/summer for anyone that wants some guidance before trying it.
  3. Climb Climb on what is currently the only outdoor climbing wall in Calgary.  While it may not be the biggest or best wall in Calgary the outdoor wall at the Beltline Aquatic Centre offers climbers a cheap space to go to pull on some plastic at lunch. They also offer lessons for beginners  and have all the gear that you need. The wall is open year round though you do have to brave freezing fingers in the winter.
  4.  Skateboard While Calgary has built a lot more skateparks since Millennium Park, it is still the largest. It regularly gets shovelled out in the winter so unless it’s snowing or a particularly cold day, you’re probably good to for a skate.
  5. Swim Make a quick jaunt over to the YMCA, Beltline Fitness Centre or Talisman Centre if you want to get a swim in.
  6. Bowl Head over to the National on 10th on Thursday or Friday (current hours) and do some bowling. One bonus of bowling is that you may not even need to change and it always feels good to get some strikes before heading back to work.
  7. Table Tennis and Badminton Head to the Chinese Cultural Centre for some badminton or table tennis. Provided there’s no events going on, you can drop in during the daytime for either, You can also play some table tennis at the National on 10th.

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