7 Places for an Air Conditioned Walk

It’s going to be an absolutely scorching few days. Here are some places where you can get some solid air conditioning while getting some steps in. If you want to get creative you could also play a subtle game of hide and seek at most of these places.

Glenbow MuseumIf you haven’t been to the Glenbow Museum or haven’t been in awhile now is a good time to check it out. Covering 4 floors, it features art from around the world, rocks and minerals, an exhibit on warriors, multiple exhibits on Aboriginals and a history of Alberta.  Open Monday to Saturday 9-5 Sunday 12-5 $16 Check out Calgary Attractions for coupon.

Malls Calgary has many malls to walk around in. If you don’t feel like shopping, they are also a good place for people watching. Generally they are open for people to walk from a couple hours earlier than their actual opening time and an hour or two after their closing time. If you head down to the Core, the Devonian Gardens has recently reopened again.

Ikea Even if you don’t need to buy something, you probably will wind up with something at Ikea. If you have kids Ikea also has a playroom for kids so they can run around by themselves. Open Monday to Saturday 10-9 Sunday 10-6

Canada Sports Hall of Fame  A great walk through for any sports enthusiasts. As well as artifacts they also have some interactive exhibits so you can get active and have some fun. Open 10-5 $12 Check out Calgary Attractions for coupon.

Studio Bell is one of the newer and more impressive buildings in Calgary. With 5 floors to wander you’ll be sure to get in all your steps while getting to listen, learn and create lovely music. Open 10-5 $18

Military Museum Calgary’s military museum is the second largest in Canada and is a good walk through for everyone with battle scenes, planes, costumes and more. There are exhibits from the navy, army and air force as well as the 4 regiments. Open 9-5 $15 Coupon available on Groupon

Airport If you want to do some people watching the airport is another good option which you can head to almost any time. You can obviously also get a good view of airplanes and there are spaces for kids to play.

If you want something more intense than a walk check out some of these places to get moving indoors without feeling like you’re dying of heat.

Olympic Oval, Rec Room, Injanation, Calgary Climbing Centre Hangar, Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain

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