7 Things You Need to Know If You Plan on Losing Weight, Getting in Shape or Living Healthier

        1. You do not need to detox/cleanse. If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, by all means detox. Otherwise if you have a working liver and kidneys, they do all the detoxing you need. Drinking soup, juice or tea of any kind for a few days wouldn’t help cleanse or detox your body and can potentially leave you worse off. They also likely wouldn’t taste that great and are usually quite effective at leaving your wallet or bank account cleansed. Save your money or donate your money to charity since philanthropy does help your health.
        2. If someone is trying to sell you Multilevel marketing stuff run. Unfortunately the fitness industry is abound with multilevel marketing schemes. If someone tries to start selling you It works, Juice plus, Isagenixs or wants to let you in on an amazing business opportunity leave politely or impolitely.
        3. No one is watching/judging you at the gym/studio/class unless you are paying them to.  If people are actually watching and judging you unaccosted, go somewhere else; it is not normal.
        4. A lot of foods and drinks that seem healthy aren’t. Sports drinks and protein bars pack a ton of calories and sugar which you and the majority of other people running or working out don’t either. Make sure to read the fine print nutritional information on the back.

        5. Stick to the basics of move more eat less and eat more vegetables. While this sounds ridiculously easy and simple, it actually isn’t. You need to change up your routine over a long period of time and this will likely take some adjustment and experimentation.
        6. You do need to sleep and be social. Don’t forget that it’s not all work and no play. Rest is key to losing weight and making gains and for maintaining your health and happiness. Hanging out with your friends is also one of the best things you can do to destress.
        7. Don’t go too hard. Despite all the sports drink and apparel commercials telling you to finish your workout, outwork everyone, defy limits and take no days off, you’d be better off not following this advice. Listen to your body so you don’t get injured and can keep your work and workout schedule. It’s better to slowly ramp up intensity and weight instead of getting injured and taking months off.

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