8 Reasons to get your flu shot


  1. You don’t want to get the flu. While this sounds pretty self explanatory, getting the flu shot will decrease the chance of you getting the flu. (Note that this does not include the stomach flu)
  2. Keep Netflix and chilling fun. Because when you try to netflix and chill when you are throwing up and fevering it’s not as fun.
  3. Get more gains. Decreasing the chances of you getting the flu means you’re increasing the chances of days that you can potentially lift.
  4. Get more running/cycling/skiing time. Ditto the above. Plus if you don’t actually get the flu you can maybe use a sick day to get in some extra ski time.
  5. Reign the fitbit leaderboard. Step counting leaderboards may be cool. Falling down a step count leaderboard is definitely not. Nothing breaks a step chain like the flu does.
  6. Decrease injury. After having the flu and downing nothing but sit and sleep for a few days or weeks, hardcore fitness enthusiasts are raring to go and may try and make up the workouts they skipped. While it may feel good in some ways, it increases the chances of a horrific ending. Go slow, breath and listen to your body when you are coming back after a hiatus.
  7. It’s free and proven. Cold-FX and other supplements which are marketed as preventing colds and flus cost money and are not proven to work.
  8. Help keep vulnerable people healthy. Young children, elderly and people with health conditions can get severely sick from the flu. By getting immunized you help to reduce the chances of more than just you getting sick. However if you work from home and never go out, feel free to disregard this one.

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