9 Great Places to Escape the Cold in Calgary

While we’re all for embracing the cold in winter and getting outside, there’s also some times where you want to take off your winter jacket. Here’s 9 of the best places where you can escape the cold, warm up and have fun.

1.Hot Yoga Studios What better way to forget about the cold than to go to a place where it’s uncomfortably hot? By the end of the class, the cold outside air is usually refreshing and there’s lots of hot yoga studios around the city.

2. The Beach Sand and sun are what most people are longing for in the winter. While you’ll have to go outside for sun, you can get some sand at The Beach, Calgary’s indoor beach volleyball facility. There’s drop in times for kids so they can make sandcastles and drop in volleyball times for adults.

3. Devonian Gardens Devonian Gardens has again been reopened. While they are pretty small, it’s nice to eat your lunch surrounded by some green foliage. They also have free workout classes on Sundays that are open to everyone. This month’s workout is zumba.

4. Kananaskis Nordic Spas The best place to go if you need to do some relaxing in the winter is Kananaskis Nordic Spas. Breath in the cold mountain air while sitting in the hot pools and going into the different types of spas. It fills fast, particularly on the weekends so be prepared for a wait.

5. Central Library Winter weather is great for curling up with a good book and the Central Library is a great place to curl up or walk around in. There’s plenty of art and a looping 4 floor layout means you can get lots of steps in too. There’s also an active playspace and lots of toys for kids.

6. VR arcades Escape the cold and the real world all together by playing some VR games. It’s a great unconventional way to get some exercise and there’s games of different genres from shooters to puzzles and music so even if you aren’t a typical gamer you should still find something that you want to play. There’s also single player and multi player cooperative and competitive games so you can come alone or with friends.

7. Indoor Golf With a very early season snowfall, many Calgarians have been missing teeing up for months. Luckily there’s indoor golf simulators so that people can both up their game and shake off the winter blues.

8. Surfset Check out a surfing inspired workout class. The class utilizes an unstable surfboard shaped board so it feels like you’re surfing. If you like fitness classes and are looking for something different to try, this is definitely a good option. Illume Hot Yoga currently offers Surfset classes.

9. Hot Pot If you’re planning a meal with family or friends, hot pot is a great way to warm up. If you have a burner and pot you can host a hot pot party at your house or there’s several restaurants in the city. Essentially you cook all the food at the table in the soup broth. If you’re doing it at a house, it’s great to do as a potluck. It’s also pretty healthy, depending on what you cook and an easy way to follow the food guide.

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