Active Fundraising Ideas

Get some exercise and hopefully have some fun and get some funds with these active fundraising ideas.

1.Host a run or walk Running Room has an easy to use platform to set up registration and collect donations for a charity run or walk. With so many great pathways and parks in Calgary, there are lots of great venues to choose from. Participants can sign up and collect pledges either on their individual page or the main page. To make the walk more memorable and get more people to join, consider a theme.

2. Host a ___athon If running or walking doesn’t work or your group, host a bikeathon, swimathon, skipathon, danceathon, yogathon, stairathon or whatever else you can think of. Participants can get pledges for the time or distance they do with prizes for winners.

3. Host a fitness class Talk to a local fitness studio about hosting a class with the proceeds going to your team or charity. Options include spin, barre, boxing, yoga and more. Offer to publicize the event and take pictures and the studio will probably give you a discounted rate.

4. Screen Time Usage Survivor Pool Track your screen/phone/online usage outside of work. For Apple and Pixel users this is done automatically. Android users can download Yourhour, Myphone Timer or other screen tracking apps. The winner will be the person with the least screen time. Participants will pay a small fee to enter and the winner will get half of the fees collected or another prize if available. Hopefully this encourages participants to get outside and get less screen and sedentary time.

5. Run a fun tournament Run a fun tournament and charge people to enter, giving away prizes or some of the cash from the entry fee. Some examples include arm wrestling, VR games, mini stick hockey, mini golf, twister, air hockey, foosball or anything else that you can think of.

6. Charity chores Get participants to offer to do chores for a charitable donation. This can include raking leaves, cleaning, painting, cooking and more. This is more fun to do in partners or small groups. Great fundraiser for kids as they can actually do some of the work.

7. Host a salad or yogurt bar While this doesn’t involve as much physical activity, it’s a good idea for teams that need a healthy snack or lunch. Grab some vegetables or fruit and slice them and then set a price or have people donate money to go through and select what they want. Great for a tournament day or any facility with lots of teams or athletes coming in and out.

If you’d rather sell products than host an event, check out this article on active fundraising partners in Calgary.

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