Active Part Time Jobs in Calgary

Need some extra funds and want to get some exercise while you’re at it? Here are some of the part time jobs in Calgary that are frequently hiring and are physically active.

Fitness Instructors If you love people and working out, this could be a great job for you. The majority of fitness classes are evenings and weekends so it’s a perfect complement to a 9-5 job. Fitness instructors also generally only work 1-2 hours at a time and can get free classes themselves. Look into how you can become a fitness instructor here.

Dog Walker/Runner The perfect part time job for any dog lovers. Hours are generally in the daytime and evening. The Rover and Spot Dog Walking apps allow walkers to put in their schedule and take as many clients as they want, in the areas that they want. For those that prefer running over walking, Dog Gone Running is a dog running company with dogs generally going 6km-10km in an hour. Walks and runs generally last half an hour to 90 minutes.

Superstore Personal Shopper While Superstore may have eliminated the rollerblading position, their online shopping service did create a personal shopper position. The personal shopper walks around the store filling people’s orders. Generally the shifts are 4-8 hours and employees have to take a few shifts a week. Shifts are available at almost anytime throughout the day though so it is fairly flexible for working around an existing job. Instacart is another option for anybody that enjoy wandering around for groceries.

Reffing Sports For anyone that has a background in sports which use a ref, it’s usually pretty easy to get reffing certification for lower levels. Games are usually in the evenings and weekends, with the ability to pick up whatever shifts that you want. The pay is generally pretty good, the downside is that you may be dealing with irate players or parents at times in reffing.
For those that don’t have much of sport background, there are still reffing options available with Calgary Sport and Social Club and University of Calgary and Mount Royal University’s Intramural Leagues.

Coaching Another good part time gig for anyone with a background in sports is coaching. Enjoying working with kids or teens would also be a must for this position. Sports associations are a good place to look for coaching jobs and what certifications may be required to coach. Recreation centres also frequently hire coaches. Hours are mainly in the evenings and weekends.

Gym/Arena Attendant For those searching for a laid back job, a fitness or arena attendant fits the bill. Generally fitness attendants monitor the gym floor and do some light cleaning. Arena attendants generally supervise the public skate times and shinnys. Shifts are usually a few hours long.

Happy job hunting!

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