Alternative Halloween Treats

Looking for some healthy and fun treats to give out this Halloween? Here are 10 healthy or fun treats to give away as an alternative to candy that hopefully wouldn’t get your house egged.  

1) Swim Passes    The City of Calgary sells books of swim passes specifically for Halloween. It’s only $5 for a book of 10 passes and the passes are good for kids for ages 2-17 so teenage trick or treaters can also enjoy them. 

2) Glowsticks    Kids of all ages love glowsticks and they’re great for kids to use while they are trick or treating. Michaels and many dollar stores have packages of glow sticks for a great price.  

3) Slime    Kids love to make and play with slime. If you have time you can make some batches of slime with your kids and give it out in ziploc bags. Just remember to label them with do not eat. Slime Recipes here. You can also buy slime at dollar stores.  

4) Raisins/ Dried Fruit/Fruit Purees    Dried fruit has come a long way in the past couple decades. Raisins are no longer the only dried/processed fruit to give. Many different types of dried, freeze dried fruit and fruit purees are around and are marketed to kids. Fruit snacks are also generally free of most allergens. Just make sure that you aren’t giving ones that are overly sweetened, otherwise you may as well be giving away candy. 

5) Playdough    While this may not be a big hit with older kids, it’s great for younger kids and is conveniently sold in Halloween packs at most large stores. 

6) Bouncy Balls     Great compact size and with them bouncing everywhere, what kid doesn’t need a replacement every couple of days/minutes. Find these in packs at the Dollar store. 

7) Pencils and Erasers    While some kids definitely wouldn’t love these, the kids that seem enthralled with a pencil or eraser make it all worth it. You can also find pretty cool ones at the dollar store. 

8) Stickers and Tattoos    You can find special packs of these for Halloween, or just buy some sheets from the dollar store and cut them. If you want to be super cool, take a trip to the dollar store and buy items 5-8 and let kids choose what they want. 

9) Whistles or noisemakers    If you hate some of the parents in the neighborhood or they owe you for something, here’s your chance to get back at them. Whistles, kazoos and bells are easily found at the dollar store and are greatly enjoyed by children though not so much the adults around them.  

10) Dark Chocolate    While this isn’t popular with kids or as healthy as it’s made out to be, it is a great treat for kids to pass on to their parents. Great if you want to make friends, mend some bridges or pair with the whistles. 

Please note that we do love Halloween and think that candy is a huge part of the holiday/celebration. It is very easy for kids to quickly get an overwhelming amount of candy on Halloween though and it’s also great for kids that may not be able to eat candy. 

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