Basketball in Calgary

Does the Raptors win have you eager to start shooting some hoops? If you’re looking to start playing basketball again, or looking to try it out for the first time, here’s a list of all the basketball leagues and drop ins for adults in Calgary. There’s also numerous basketball courts outside if you want to start a pick up game with your friends.

Calgary Sport and Social Club Calgary Sport and Social Club is Calgary’s biggest adult recreational sports provider. The League’s focus is on having fun and giving everyone a chance to play and rules are adapted for this. The premium league is the only league where full courts with glass backboards are used and where rules most closely align with official gameplay. There is a games coordinator instead of a referee. Participants can sign up individually or as a group or whole team.
Price: Per 8 Weeks Individual $110, Premium Individual $130 Team $765-$885 10+ people Premium Team $895-$1025
Skill Level: Coed Beginner-Intermediate.
Divisions: recreational, recreational plus and intermediate
Days: Choice of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings, Sunday mornings
Location: All over Calgary. Premium is played at Repsol
Seasons: All year round with Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring playing seasons

University of Calgary Intramurals The University of Calgary runs many intramural sports and though teams are mostly made up of university students, anyone is welcome to join. Players have the option of creating a full team or signing up individually and being placed on a team.
Price: Per 8 Games $105 per individual $910 for team
Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Divisions: Men’s, Women’s, Coed with A,B,C skill divisions for Men’s and Coed
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday evenings
Location: University of Calgary
Seasons: Fall September to December, Winter January to March, Summer June to August

Calgary Women’s Basketball Association The Calgary Women’s League has tryouts in August/September. Those that miss tryouts can leave their contact information and teams will contact them if needed.
Price: Per 10 games $150
Skill Level: Advanced
Divisions: A, B and +35 Masters divisions
Days: A League Monday and Wednesday nights; B League Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights; Masters Division Monday nights
Location: A League Repsol, B League Locations around the city
Seasons: Regular Season October-March, Spring League May-June

Calgary Senior Men’s Basketball Registration is done on a team basis. Individuals can sign up to be contacted by a team. 8-15 players on roster
Price: Per 21 Game Regular Season Team $3350 8-15 people on roster
Skill Level: Knowledgeable beginner to Advanced
Divisions: 9 skill divisions and 1 Masters Division
Days: Monday-Friday evenings, Different divisions will run on different days
Location: Locations around the city
Seasons: Regular Season September-March, Spring League April-June

Mount Royal Intramurals Mount Royal Intramural programs are designed to be open to all skill levels. MRU Students and recreation members can sign up individually, as a small group or as a team. Those without a membership can only sign up through a team.
Price:Price per 7 games + Playoffs $40 for members, $90 for non members
Skill Level: All
Divisions: Coed Recreational and Competitive
Days: Monday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons
Location: Mount Royal University
Seasons: Fall September-December, Winter January- April Spring League May-July

Wheelchair Basketball

Calgary Grizzlies/Mount Royal Try out something different with wheelchair basketball. The Calgary Grizzlies will lead you in some drills to get the hang of it before breaking out in a scrimmage. Wheelchairs are provided and all are welcome.
Price: 10 weeks for $40
Skill Level: All
Days: Wednesdays 7pm-8:30pm
Location: Mount Royal
Seasons: Runs September-December, January-March, May-August

Organized Drop In

The Run YYC The Run YYC offers a drop in 5on5 league with no refs.
Price: $15
Skill Level: All
Days: Men’s Tuesdays 7pm-9pm, Coed Wednesdays 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Marlborough Park Community Association
Seasons: Year Round

Makin Hoops For those that prefer 3 on 3 games, Makin Hoops offers 3 on 3 drop in for males and females.
Price: $20
Skill Level: All
Days: Wednesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm $20

Non League Drop In

Repsol Centre Saturday and Sunday $15.25

YMCA Eau Claire Mornings


Makin Hoops Drop in skill sessions
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays 8pm-9pm

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