Calgary Corporate Challenge

Every year in Calgary, sporting events take over the corporate world for 16 days and bring people together through sport to work closely with local Calgary charities.

The Calgary Corporate Challenge, (CCC) is rumoured to have began in 1996, according to Robyn Malcom, Partner Relations & Projects Coordinator, Calgary Corporate Challenge. 

CCC has undoubtedly grown since its inception, and one of CCC’s greatest asset it holds is the ability to evolve in response to what is trending in the world of sports, the corporate world in regards to team building ideas, and in ways of supporting local communities and charities.

“We circle back each year and discuss what worked, what didn’t work, and how we can appeal to new companies moving forward. It’s exciting to be part of a team that is always looking at how we can change things to keep CCC interesting going forward,” she said, adding that CCC is a highly responsive organization. CCC also surveys their volunteers, sponsors, vendors/suppliers, partner charities, and participants every year to see how they can do better. 

Because of this each year at CCC looks different and though the Games have only ended a few weeks ago they are already brainstorming for next year.

Also crucial to CCC’s success and growth are CCC’s volunteers. Throughout CCC’s 22-year history, it has been a volunteer-driven organization, and this still rings true today. CCC has long been fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated team of over 80 invested and passionate volunteers who truly believe in the value of the CCC Games.

In this years September Games over 150 companies representing all areas of Calgary’s corporate sector come out to compete in 22 different sports events and seven charity-oriented challenges. This amounted to a whooping 2,500 scheduled games and over 10,000 participating individuals, all in just 16 days.  On the charity side  over 4,710 units of blood were donated to Canadian Blood Services; over 4,000 children’s books were donated to Calgary Reads; over 7,600 pounds of food was donated to the Calgary Food Bank; 145 new toys and over 98 nights of stays were donated to the Ronald McDonald House; over 300 sports equipment items and over $50,000 was donated to KidSport Calgary; over 350 meals, 50 winter jackets, and 70 backpacks filled with vital supplies were donated to the Mustard Seed; and finally, over $350,000 was donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Not surprisingly Malcom is pretty excited about this and all the work that CCC has done “It’s awesome to see how so many companies rally around important local causes and the charity challenges and to see the unique ways people raise funds and awareness for things they care about. I’ve been fortunate to meet countless inspiring people through this aspect of my job and I’m genuinely amazed by the reach CCC has within the Calgary community each year. I’m humbled to see the generosity of corporate Calgary, and I’m proud I get to be a part of the events that make giving back possible,” she exclaimed.

“Ultimately it’s about bringing people together and giving them an opportunity to have a good time in support of an even better cause. I think we managed to do just that in 2017, and I hope that 2018 will be even better!”



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