Calgary Covid Vaccine Freebies and Discounts

In addition to getting some immunity for yourself and protecting others, here are some other treats and discounts you can get for getting your 1st or 2nd Covid vaccine.

Harveys Get a free Angus or Lightlife burger when you comment on Harveys social media post.
Coldgarden Get a free can of Neighborhood Ale.
Revival Brewcade Get a free can of Whiskey Business Rye Brown Ale
Last Best Brewing Get a free can
Mountain Trip Beer
Banff Avenue Brewing
Jasper Brewing
Hippohug Get a free mask by posting a vaccine selfie, tagging Hippohug and emailing them your address.
Meat+ Donation
Bessie 1 pound of food will be donated to Leftovers and you’ll get a $20 off coupon.

All promotions are while supplies last.

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