Calgary’s Adult Gymnastics Team

While many might think of gymnastics as being for kids, CAPTivate Gymnastics is hoping to change that. CAPTivate Gymnastics is Calgary’s only adult gymnastics team and offers adults a place to hone their gymnastics, stunting and dance skills.

Hayley Silberg, who was a recreational gymnast growing up, founded the team after being unsatisfied with adult drop in sessions, one of the only options out there for adult gymnastics other than beginner classes. Silberg was inspired from coaching children’s performance teams and having to occasionally fill in. Realizing how fun and how great of a workout it was, she decided to create an adult performing gymnastics team.

CAPTivate Gymnastics was born in September 2018 and currently runs a north and south team with approximately 20 people on each team. In addition to learning skills and getting a workout, each team also works towards a group routine which is performed 2-3 times at the end of the 4 month session

The club would like to perform at the next World Gymnaestrada which is a showcase of gymnastics teams from around the world. The next one is coming up in 2023 in Amsterdam.

Team members range in age from 16-46 with both men and women. Participants come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are previous gymnasts, some are parents of gymnasts, some come from different sports and some have no sports or fitness experience at all. Whatever people’s background and skill levels everyone is supported and challenged. The team aspect ensures that everyone builds social connections and the performances give everybody something to work towards.

Practices are only once a week for two hours and with both a north and south team, joining a team is relatively accessible for everyone. The registration fee also covers all costs, including costumes and memberships. It’s a great option for anyone that wants to enjoy the team aspect of sport while learning new skills and getting to perform. Anyone over 16 is welcome to join and the Club also aims to try and keep pushing the upper age range higher.

For more information check out CAPTivate Gymnastics Website.

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