Calgary’s Best Active Family Fun Destinations

Family fun can sometimes seem like an oxymoron. The idea of trying to achieve this while also adding in fitness can seem nearly impossible. Luckily there’s some great Calgary destinations where families can get moving and have fun together, or at least be moving and having fun in the same vicinity as each other.  Because families that play together end up having to drive less.


Playgrounds-Calgary abounds with playgrounds. There’s a great list and review of almost all of the playgrounds in Calgary at Calgary Playground Reviews. For some extra entertainment pack some nerf guns, water guns or foam noodles. Parents can hop on the playground too and either chase their kids or get their own workout in. Check out an example playground workout here. Many playgrounds also have skateparks, tennis courts and basketball courts nearby to keep older kids occupied for people with kids spanning various ages.

The Calgary Zoo– The zoo has 2 fantastic animal themed play structures, similar to the ones that you’d find at an indoor play place. While people that grew up in Calgary probably fondly remember the rock cave structure as the pinnacle play point at the zoo, the replacement play structures are at least on par in terms of fun level and substantially safer, likely reassuring to any parents . The zoo also has a few play structures scattered throughout the park. While adult aren’t allowed on these playgrounds you can get a great walk while browsing some animals. The zoo is also located right by the Bow River Pathway so families can conveniently bike there.

Canada Olympic Park– While the park is only open until April 9 for skiing and snowboarding, the park will quickly transition into mountain biking and mini golf.  Bikes and helmets are available for rent and it’s a great spot for kids and adults to get their first taste of mountain biking. Kids should be able to safely and confidently ride a two wheel bike on regular terrain before attempting mountain biking.


2018 Update Lloyd’s is Permanently Closed. Lloyds– This Calgary icon is still around and looks exactly the same as it did decades ago. The nostalgia of the past makes Lloyds enjoyable for adults while kids will simply enjoy ripping around the place with music being loudly blasted. Both rollerblades and rollerskates are available to rent. Most kids over the age of 4 will be able to skate pretty independently after a few starter laps, leaving parents able to work on their quads and dance moves and relive a date night.  Bring some glowsticks or light up toys to complete the experience and bring a helmet for any young or inexperienced skaters.

Flying Squirrel– As this video proves, you can bounce at almost any age.  With dodgeball courts, basketball hoops and foam pits along with trampoline courts, there’s enough bouncing attractions to completely tire out everyone. The youngest jumpers have a special area so that parents don’t have to worry about them getting crushed.  There’s also a small obstacle course, slackline and laser maze so people can take a break from bouncing. Be prepared for everyone to leave completely exhausted.


Injanation– Any child or adult that love trampolines, climbing or ninja warrior they will love Injanation. It combines a trampoline park with a climb park and obstacle course. Staff are absolutely everywhere supervising so parents can tackle an obstacle course while their kids tackle their own kid sized one. For the tiniest ninjas there’s also an area for them.

Climb Park–  Finally an opportunity to tell kids that they can climb. Calgary Climbing Centre’s Climb Park boasts a variety of different walls that look like they came straight out of a video game. Any little monkeys will love it and their parents should too, obviously the kids get their love and skills from somewhere. For any parents that may be a bit fearful, seeing their children shimmy up the walls first should alleviate their fears. Climbing is a great way to work the core and arms. Kids and adults must weight between 40-265 pounds to climb.

Rec Room– Gamers both young and old will love the Rec Room which features both retro and new games. There’s also plenty of arcade games to get you moving along with an augmented reality climbing wall game and plenty of virtual reality games. If you want to slow it down a bit there’s also Snookball which is essentially pool using soccer balls and your feet.

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