Cooking Tips for Camping During a Fire Ban

When thinking about camping, one of the major things that comes to mind is the campfire. As a source for both entertainment and cooking, the campfire is a wilderness staple. Unfortunately fire bans in Alberta and British Columbia can be frequent during the summer months, quashing some of the camping fun and food.  With a little creativity though, there are still lots of great meal options to be made to satisfy any camping enthusiast.

Camping stoves have been getting lighter and cheaper and with the ability to boil water, tons of convenient cooking options open up. Though many freeze-dried options of all sorts of fun meals are available at camping retailers such as the MEC, some of these can be quite pricey. There are many low cost options like coffee, oatmeal, mashed potatoes and pasta that are also possible and these things are also simple to pack as they take up minimal space and do not need to be kept at a particular temperature. Here are some tried and true recipes for camping with a fire.


A simple meal to make, adding boiled water to prepackaged oatmeal is a quick and easy way to start your day. With tons of flavors available, oatmeal can also be spiced up by packing your own spices like cinnamon or brown sugar to add a nice touch to your breakfast. Oatmeal also has the added bonus of being incredibly easy to pack.

Pancakes for Dinner

Always fun as a breakfast or dinner option, premixed pancake mix only requires a few eggs, and a small camping pan to use over your camp stove. Pancakes are also a fun option due to their adaptability to individual tastes. Eggs, though fragile can be stored in special egg holders, and since eggs are so versatile they can be used for other breakfast options during your trip. Though this isn’t a great option for long trips without a cooler, eggs are fine during short backpacking trips and car camping.

Basil and Tomato Pasta

With a camping pot, boiling enough water to make pasta for both yourself and a small group is a great way to make a quick dinner. There are also sauce options that are great for both backpacking and camping packed within tetra paks (Antonella’s has a great Tomato Basil sauce) to avoid breakable glass and the potential for accidents. This is also an opportunity to take advantage of your ability to pack spices from home. Some fresh basil or oregano can make a big difference in stepping up a camping pasta.

Vegetarian Tacos

Though a tad complex, and perhaps not the best option for a backpacking endeavor, adventurous campers can bring along the ingredients to make tacos. Canned refried beans, prepackaged cheese and salsa, along with some pre-cut lettuce and tomato can be enjoyed on easy to pack tortillas. Though it is hard to keep vegetables while backpacking, this meal option is great for car camping and can be adapted to avoid some of the harder to keep ingredients in the event that you cannot keep a cooler.

At the end of the day, there are lots of creative ways to make just about anything that you may crave while camping. With enough ingenuity, and some shopping around pretty much all the things that you want to eat during your trip can be found.





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