Covid Sports Alternatives Part 1

If not being able to play sports has left a huge void in your life, you’re not alone. Here are some alternatives to try that you can safely do during Covid with equipment that is generally easy to find. While it may not replace the void left by sports, the suggestions will hopefully help keep you sane and give you something to do. It’s also always good to learn something new.


Equipment and Space Requirements: 3 same sized objects that can fit in your hand. Tennis balls, ping pong balls, scarves and oranges work great. Juggling balls can also be found at Dollarama and online or you can make your own juggling/stress ball out of balloons and rice or flour.
Any space without breakables close by

Learn how to juggle, or ramp up your juggling if you already know how. Juggling is great for hand eye coordination and requires very little space, though you should stay away from breakable objects. It’s something that is easy to practice whenever you have a few minutes of spare time and because of the concentration required, it’s a good way to get your mind off of things and refocus. It’s also a fun skill to show off on a video chat or at a party.
Resources to learn: Video Series 1, Video Series 2


Equipment and Space Requirements: Someone that you are isolating with. Yoga mats may be helpful.
Enough space for a person to comfortably lay down that isn’t too hard.

If you have 1 or more people that you are isolating with, you can give acroyoga a try. It’s a good way to test each other’s strength, flexibility and communication It’s also great to learn some poses to show off at parties, video chats, instagram and for your vacation photos. Just make sure you have a softish space to land. Kids may also find this fun to do.
Resources to learn: Family Acroyoga, Acroyoga Beginner Tutorials


Equipment and Space Requirements: Enough space to move around in

What better time to learn some moves that will steal the show the next time that you go the club or a wedding? There’s lots of online dance classes, Youtube videos, the Just Dance games and of course, Tiktok. Dance is great for developing musicality, body awareness and muscle memory. If you have kids that are old enough, it’s also a great way to embarrass them.
Resources to learn: Just Dance on all game systems or mobile, TikTok, Pulse Studios Calgary, Kor Danceworks Calgary


Equipment Needed: Pavement, pogostick/pogoball Can be found at ToysRUs, Walmart, Amazon, Mastermind and Pogo Stick Companies for $50-$400.

Bring it back to the 80s or 90s and bring out or purchase a pogoball or stick. Luckily, there have not been any pogoball/stick buying sprees. It’s hard to not have fun when you are bouncing and it’s a good cardio and legs workout. As Tigger says life is about how well you bounce.
Resources to learn: Basic Trick Tutorial

Hula Hooping

Equipment and Space Requirements: Hula hoops can be purchased from Calgary Store GeoRevHooping. You can also make your own with irrigation piping using these instructions. $25-$100.
A minimum 5ft by 5ft space either inside or outside.

Hula Hooping has been back for a few years and it’s a good low impact exercise that works your core and challenges your coordination. Unlike the hula hoops from gym class, these hoops are generally heavier and people do more than just swing it around their waist. Noways people create routines set to music and use their whole body. If you like going to music festivals, it’s a great activity to pick up so you can show off your skills and connect with others who enjoy it.
Resources to learn: Hoop Trix Website , Flower Friendly Beginner Hoop Tricks, Hula Hoop for Total Beginners


Equipment Needed: Rollerblades/Rollerskates. Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace usually have a lot of rollerblades and some roller skates. For new rollerblades go to Shoptask For roller skates hit up local Calgary Store Nerd Skates. For Hockey Roller Skates go to Source for Sports, Marsblades. New Rollerblades run from $100-$500
Any large paved space, preferably without too many rocks or bumps.

If you are missing the ice or missing Lloyd’s, grab a pair of roller skates or blades and you can enjoy your favorite sport under the sun. With so many places closed, there are plenty of empty parking lots that you can roll in. You can also bring some speakers and blast your own music. It’ll keep your legs in great shape for the hockey, ski or speed skating season. For any hockey players that don’t like the feel of roller hockey skates, mars blades bring you a feeling that’s much closer to being on the ice.
Resources to learn: Calgary Roller Skate, Shoptask , Skatefresh

Fitness Challenges

Equipment Needed: Varies. Many challenges require no equipment and minimal space.

While fitness challenges aren’t the greatest way of staying in shape, they are fun to try and a good way to test your strength, mobility and balance. There’s lots of inspiration on Instagram and you can form a group with friends to challenge each other and come up with your own challenges. It’s a good way to stay motivated and connect to people.
Resources to learn: Darebee, Team Canada, Sean McColl

If you still don’t find any of these things appealing, check back next week for Part 2 and some more suggestions.

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