Covid Sports Alternatives Part 2

Here’s our second set of suggestions to try while you wait for the green light to go back to your favorite sports.
If you missed it, see our first set of suggestions here.

Obstacle Courses

Equipment and space requirements: Slacklines and hangboards can be purchased from MEC. Climbing holds can be purchased at Calgary Climbing Centre. Ripline or Slackline Obstacle Course kits are good for people under 250 pounds and can be found at Canadian Tire, MEC and Toys R Us. If you’re looking to make a course on the cheap wood, noodles, hula hoops and chalk are great for building obstacle courses. For building your own obstacles, check out these tips here and here.
Large outdoor Space

If you love watching or doing obstacle course races, why not try and set up some obstacles in your yard? If you’re handy, you can design your own obstacles. If you’re not, Slackline and Ripline both make several obstacle course kits that are relatively easy to put up and support up to 250 pounds, all you need are trees. You can also get creative with whatever you have in the house or garage and it can be fun for the whole family. Obstacle courses are great so you can get some cardio and exercise your whole body.
Resources to learn: obstacle course demo, how to slackline, household supplies obstacle course, Seb Toots indoor obstacle courses

Freestyle Soccer

Equipment and Space Requirements: Soccer ball
Space without breakables

If you play soccer or even if you don’t, consider learning some tricks while Covid protocols are in place. It’s a great way to get popular on Instagram and TikTok and it will improve your coordination and help with your game if you do play soccer. You could also do similar things with a basketball, hockey stick and puck or tennis racquet and ball.
Resources to learn: Freestyle Soccer Tutorials and Inspiration

Foot Golf
Equipment and Space Requirements: Soccer ball. Markers for hole and course. Hoops, trees, pylons, coats and water bottles all work.
Large space.

Another alternative if you’re missing soccer is foot golf. Design a course to kick the soccer ball around in and keep track of how many times it takes to reach the end. It’s an easy game that all ages can play and can also improve your soccer skills.
Resources to learn: Foot golf

Disc Golf
Equipment and Space Requirements: Disc/frisbee. Good quality discs can be purchased from Don’s Hobby Shop or Lifesport, though you can start off using whatever you have.
Go to a disc golf course or create your own with any large outdoor space. Improvise with baskets or targets or purchase a basket from Lifesport.

Disc golf courses has been allowed to reopen in Calgary. All the public disc golf courses are free and it’s a good low impact sport that almost anyone can play while social distancing.
Resources to learn: Rules, throwing

Equipment and Space Requirements: Gaming system, phone or other device. Gaming Systems include: Wii, WiiU, Switch, XBox+Kinect, Playstation Move. Buy old gaming systems and games from Video Game Trader or take a look on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace.
Enough space to move around in.

Exergaming took off with the Wii’s initial release. Not surprisingly the newest Nintendo workout game, Ringfit Adventures is incredibly hard to find right now but there are plenty of older games to play if you have an older system.
For those that have a stationary bike Zwift lets you ride virtual courses and compete against other people. There’s also Sufferfest, Road Grand Tours and other cycling apps.
For running there’s Zombies Run which you can do on the treadmill or outside. It spices up regular running by immersing you into a story where you must run to save yourself and others from zombies.
Exergaming is great for anyone that like video games or on days where you have to stay inside.

Equipment and Space Requirements: Skipping Rope. Can be purchased from Sportchek, Walmart, Dollarama and Bianca Amor’s.
Approx 2 feet of space above your head and enough space to full extend your arms on all sides.

If you don’t like having to constantly dodge people on the pathways and sidewalks, skipping is a good alternative for a cardio workout. As well as cardio workouts you calso try tricks or go for speed. If you are isolating with two or more people than you could also try some group skipping.
Resources to Learn: Basic Tricks , Jump Rope Workout

Equipment and Space Requirements: Tetherball set or Tetherball that you can attach to school pole. Tetherballs and tetherball sets can be purchased at Lynx Leisure.
Approximately 10 feet x 10 feet of space.

Relive your recess days and play some tetherball with whoever you’re quarantined with. It’s a good alternative for those missing their dodgeball fix. This game also easily gets competitive so for anyone that’s missing the feeling of competition it’s a good option.

Equipment and Space Requirements: Swingball Sets can be bought at Costco, Walmart and Mastermind Toys.
Approximately 10 feet by 10 feet of space.

Swingball is similar to tetherball but you use a small racquet. It’s a good option if you can’t find a tennis partner during quarantine as those with lower skills levels will still have fun. It also keeps your hand eye coordination sharp for racquet sports.
Resources to learn: Swingball Review

Hopefully these sports and games keep you occupied and sane until all sports can resume.

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