Cyclepalooza: A Quick Ridedown


For anyone that likes bikes or can ride a bike and has a passable interest in fun things, Cyclepalooza is for you.

Started in 2011, the festival is completely volunteer run and anyone is welcome to plan and host an event. Cyclepalooza spans 10 days and while not as well known as Stampede it offers an impressive 25 events with many of them being free.  There is something for every interest, a  good reflection of the diverse cycling community in Calgary and the great fun that you can have on the bike.

Here’s a highlight of some of the events:


If beer is your thing there are 4 different events focussing on brews. There’s also many other events with beer or where beers will be enjoyed after.

Brewery Bike Tour led by Eric from Village Brewery will stop at Village Brewery, Banded Peak Brewing, and Annex Ale Project. As well as enjoying some brews you’ll also hear each brewing companies entrepreneurial story. July 15

YYC Bike Nights Bike yourself and a group of friends to Last Best Beer. $1 gets donated to the Branch Out Neurological Foundation for every participant, you can win a free beer for your tire changing skills and you can bring your bike inside. July 17

Calgary Beer History Tour If you fancy yourself history buff check out some of Calgary’s brewing history. The last stop will be at Dandy Brewing Company tasting room where there will be a tour and samples. July 20

Prohibition Tour Dress up in Prohibition Style Clothing and ride along the Legacy Trail stopping at Grizzly Paw Brewery, Canmore Brewing Company and Banff Ave.

Please remember to bike responsibly.

If you prefer coffee or like both check out #CoffeeOutside a weekly event where cyclists meet to enjoy coffee and tea in various locations. July 21

Arts and Crafts

Bike to the Yarn Store Hit up Stash Needle Art Lounge and then bike over to Gravity for some knitting/crocheting.  July 16

Spoke and Word Bike along the Bow, stopping along the way for some spoken word poetry. July 19

Dressing up

Because if you ride a bike you can show off more of your outfit.

en Blanc a Velo Modelled after diner et blanc this is a bike ride and picnic with your finest white clothes. If you love diner et blanc or never managed to get an invite to diner et blanc and wanted to go this event is for you. July 16

Suit and Scotch Tour Wear a suit or any post work wear and ride down the cycle tracks to a bar for some drinks. July 20

Bike Prom Wear your fanciest outfit for a short bike ride and group picture followed by a party complete with DJs and beverages from local Calgary companies. July 22

Cool Off

Seeing as the weather doesn’t look like it’s cooling down much, you might as well get wet and cool off.

All Canadian Bike and Swim Ride Find some of the best places to jump in the water in Calgary. July 17

Beach Blanket Bingo Party Ride to the beach, play some bingo and party. What’s not to love? July 18

Wet Wild Wride Take part in a good old fashioned water fight both on bike and on foot. July 20


Bike Polo Newbie Night Try out some bike polo with the Calgary Bike Polo Club. If you don’t have a bike, they’ll have some there.

Disc Golf Enjoy a group bike ride and some frisbee golf at Thorncliffe. Discs will be provided free of charge if you don’t have any. Afterwards enjoy some food, drinks or bowling in the Thorncliffe lounge. July 23


Green Buildings Bike Tour Ride to some of Calgary’s newest green buildings and learn how they were designed and impact lives. July 16


For event details and the full schedule of events visit

If you’re feeling ready to go after this but don’t have a bike don’t despair, you can rent one from Nomad Gear, Ecohub and Eau Claire Rapid Rent. Also if you have kids that you need to worry about/entertain/take care of most non alcoholic events are kid friendly.

Happy Cyclepaloozaing!




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