(Fun)ctional: Cargo Bikes and Calgary’s Cycling Scene

Quaintly defined by cargobikes.ca as “Any robustly built bike that can carry a substantial amount of stuff, children or adults”, the cargo bike has become an increasingly popular method of urban transportation in the Canadian city. We’ve likely all seen them somewhere in our daily commutes, whether it was the common sight of the child carrier attached to the back of a parent’s bicycle, or the almost ‘wheelbarrow-esque’ bikes with the front compartment, cargo bikes are becoming an urban cyclists’ staple. Just as diverse as the broad range of urban cyclists themselves, cargo bikes come in all shapes and sizes imaginable and include varieties to suit the needs of whatever or whoever you may wish to cart around the city.

Pearl the Cat riding on a cargo bike

In a fast-paced urban environment, the cargo bike is the perfect answer to the problem that we have all had at one point or another when considering taking our bike instead of the car. “But what about all of my stuff?” To some that means a solution to picking the kids up from daycare, and others simply a way to move those textbooks from one end of campus to the other. As witnessed around Calgary’s downtown, the cargo bike can also be the method of choice for moving your cat or perhaps your flat-screen television.

With all the fun of the standard cycle, the cargo bike is also the practical choice of many Calgary workplaces and professionals due to its functionality. No more difficult to ride than a standard cycle (tried and tested by the author, who is by no means a professional cyclist), many local commuters parking their cargo bikes downtown say that the cargo bike is simply an easier and more convenient way to cycle to work with all of one’s bags and belongings. City councilman Gian Carlo Carra himself is often seen out and about aboard his cargo bike, showing his support of the great bike paths and cycling options in our city that make active commuting accessible. Tourism Calgary also often uses cargo bikes so that they can easily travel out to various downtown locations with their display of tourist information. Many businesses also use them for the summer festival season, it’s a good way to get in and out with the parking bans.

If you’re looking to buy or test a cargo bike local Calgary business “Bike Bike”, offers one of Canada’s widest varieties of cargo bike options. With the average cargo bike ranging in price between 1000- 2000 dollars, it’s an affordable and healthy alternative to the car or even public transit.


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Upper photo from Bike Calgary Creative Commons License


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