Get prepped for the ski and snowboard season

Ski and snowboard season is here! If you want to up your game, increase the number of runs you can do or simply feel a little less sore and stay injury free on the slopes check out this training program designed by Jothan Hibben, Senior strength and conditioning coach at The Athlete Factory. You can use the program to get ready for your first run of the year and throughout the winter to improve your performance and decrease the risk of injury.

While strengthening your legs may be the first and only thing that comes to mind when you think of getting ready for the ski and snowboard season, working on your coordination, stability and power are also key for both novices and pros. Luckily this workout hits on all these things and should only take you an hour or less.

Throughout all the exercises focus on keeping a neutral spine so you aren’t extending or arching your back. To do this you’ll need to engage your core muscles, similarly to what you would do during a plank.  By focusing on keeping your spine neutral throughout the exercises you should be able to maintain better stability when you ski or snowboard.

  1. Squats are a strength staple and are great for building leg strength and stability through both the legs and the torse. When you’re working on squats for hitting the slopes there are some things that you should focus on for optimal slope performance that you may not be doing regularly.
  •  Make sure that you are firing through your hamstrings, moving through the hips and then allowing the knee to follow. Focusing on this ensures that you’re working the right muscles and makes it a more effective exercise for building strength.

  1.  Plyometrics help improve explosive power. While more casual skiers and and snowboarders may not feel like they need explosive power plyos are also great for improving stability, posture and coordination.
  • Double Leg Hop Similar to the squat you want to move through the hips. Keeping your spine neutral through explosive movement is challenging and if you’re able to do this you’ll be able to better direct force when you’re skiing giving you better control.
  • Hop Lateral While just using one leg you’re still going to be focusing on actively recruiting your hamstring. By working on a single leg and moving laterally you’ll be challenging your balance and stabilizers even more.

Modified Sprint Circuit

This 5 exercise circuit is designed to be done at maximum speed and explosiveness so it trains the Central Nervous System. If you train your body at full speed you will be able to react faster.

1)Squat Jumps Just like the squats and previous exercises you’re going to fire through your hamstrings.

2) Sit Ups These probably differ from the situps that you usually do. Keep your shoulder blades off the floor, use a small range and try to be explosive.

3) Split Jumps Again you’ll be using your hamstring, this time engaging your front leg to explode off the floor.

4) Change of Direction Think of loading through your hip and using your hamstring to push through in the opposite direction.

5) Push Ups For these pushups you’re going to try to go at full speed and go through 3 variations in position.

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