Getting Healthy in the Office

Committed to starting off your 2017 healthy? Have you already created a workout schedule, rid your house of junk food and started stocking up on veggies?

Make sure being healthy while you’re at work is a priority too. Even if you aren’t quite as committed or organized as the above, giving a cursory glance as to how you can improve your wellbeing at work can be well worth it. When you spend 40-50 of your waking hours at work each week, it can wind up having the most impact on your health. While working out before or after work is great, it doesn’t undo the effects of sitting for 8 hours. And while most offices aren’t really ideal places for healthy living, you can make them a little better.

1.Keep moving If you have a treadmill desk or desk pedals this is pretty easy, you just have to remember to use them. If you don’t fidgeting may help to counter the effects of sitting for long periods of time. While  squirming around can obviously be a little weird in an open office environment, your employer may be more incentivized to invest in active office furniture after watching you flail around for a few weeks.  If you work in a cubicle or have a room, don’t worry there’s really only a few assumptions people will have if they catch you in an awkward position or movement when they walk in. If for some reason you’d prefer dying an early death from sitting rather than looking weird at work, try standing up whenever you can. Take the long route whenever you go talk to someone or pick something up, seem like a nice person and deliver coffees (being a nice person and doing this is also acceptable) and stand up to take phone calls.

2.Take Breaks Even if you are moving while you are working it’s still important to take breaks.  Work some other muscles and stretch out. Rest your eyes so you don’t strain them. Stretch your hands and fingers so you don’t develop carpal tunnel. Think about something else. Go outside to remind yourself that you aren’t actually imprisoned inside the building and get some fresh air and sunshine. If you’re a workaholic, know that taking breaks improves productivity. If you hate work, just think about how much time you are killing by taking a break. While it can be tempting to power through your workday and skip lunch so you can leave earlier or take a day off, it’s better if you don’t.

3.Clean your area Gossip and germs spread like wildfire at most offices.  Curb the spread of germs to yourself by making sure to clean your desk, keyboard and mouse. If you want some fear mongering incentive, keyboards can oftentimes carry more bacteria than a toilet seat. Wash your hands after meetings.

4.Have healthy food on hand Maybe your plan is not to eat at work. While that works fine sometimes, with the usual barrage of unhealthy office treats, colleagues snacking, time to kill, overtime to be worked or a rushed morning with no breakfast, this often flies out the window. If you like to snack a lot buy some fruits and veggies each week and leave them in the fridge. Either everyone will leave your food alone because they aren’t interested in healthy food or you’ll turn the whole office into healthy eaters. If you’re just an occasional snacker have some unsweetened dried fruits and nuts on hand. If you are smart enough to have a job and have read the above, you should realize that it’s not a good idea to eat at your desk.

5.Drink water Calgary has some of the best drinking water in the world and you should have access to this at your office. So stay hydrated. While you don’t really need to go overboard and carry around a 4 litre jug, a water bottle may come in handy. If your workplace has free juice and pop and you feel like you’re being cheated if you don’t drink them, steal some office supplies to make up for it.

6.Pick up a work husband or wife If you have one at home, why not have one at work? For real though, it’s great to have someone at work to steal food with, mock other coworkers, plan office pranks and unwind and divulge to. Understandably this kind of relationship can be hard to find so go slow and once you find someone, treasure them.



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