Giving Tuesday

Think it’s important for Calgarians to be healthy and active?  Consider donating, volunteering or spreading the word about some of these organizations that help Calgarians be healthy and active.

Cardel Rec South, Vivo– Both Cardel Rec South and Vivo both accept donations for their fee assistance programs. The fee assistance programs allows low income kids and adults to take part in programs or drop in to the facility. Vivo also accepts donations for their healthy living research.

WheelChair Sports Alberta– Support Wheelchair Sports Alberta so that people in wheelchairs can try sports and play at a recreational or competitive level.

Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing– CADS teaches people with disabilities how to ski or snowboard with adaptive equipment and volunteers. If you are able to ski/snowboard green runs you can help out and you’ll also be able to get some free lessons yourself.

Thrive Centre– The Thrive Centre is a fitness facility for cancer patients and survivors. It is free for patients and survivors to use and supervised by trained specialists and volunteers.

Parks Foundation Calgary has a great park and pathway system which is accessible to almost everyone. They recently built the Mattamy Greenway and the David Richardson Disc Golf Park and are now working on a bike skills park and a 4th Avenue Flyover Park.


Getting kids active improves their physical and mental health, helps them make friends and teaches them life lessons. Active kids are also more likely to be active as adults.

Kidsport Calgary– Kidsport covers up to $250 of sports program fees for low income families.  As well as giving to Kidsport directly they also have a lot of great partnerships set up so you can buy gifts for Christmas or yourself and donate to Kidsport while doing so.

Soccer Without Boundaries– Started in 2010, Soccer Without Boundaries is a free children’s soccer program that helps integrate new Canadians into their community.

Footprints Dance Project– Footprints Dance Project gives free dance classes to kids in need from the ages of 6-18. Kids not only get to dance but also get to perform in shows and experience other art forms.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Children’s Bursaries Decidedly Jazz gives children that can’t afford the class or summer camp free a bursary covering some or all of the fees.

Jumpstart– Created by Canadian Tire, the Jumpstart organization helps cover program fees for low income families similarly to Kidsport and also hosts their own programs that children can participate in for free.

Comrie’s Sports Equipment Bank– If you have any new or gently used gear you can donate it to Comrie’s Sports Equipment Bank so that it will get reused by a child in need. They will also take monetary donations.


If you teach a person to cook nutritious food, they’ll be able to feed and teach their friends and family how to cook and eat as well.

Alex Community Food Centre– The Alex Community Food Centre is the first community food centre in Calgary. It offers food access, food skills, and education and engagement programs to low-income community members with the aim of increasing physical and mental health while fostering community.

Community Kitchen Program of Calgary– Healthy cooking classes, fruit and veggie boxes, leftover collection, feeding programs and emergency programs; the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary pretty much does it all.

Calgary Meals on Wheels– Close to half a million nutritious meals are delivered around the city by Meals on Wheels. While their main clients are seniors, anyone can utilize the service which charges based on income.

Leftovers Foundation- The Leftovers Foundation runs Community food Markets to bring healthy and affordable foods in places where it’s harder for people to get out or where there may not be an affordable grocery store nearby. They also take leftover food from restaurants and bring it to charities. They have very flexible volunteering options.


Active transportation is important in getting people more active and ensuring everyone can get around in a city. Bikes are also great for the environment.

Bike Calgary– While Calgary has made strides in improving biking in Calgary, there’s still a lot more work to be done. Bike Calgary strives to improve conditions for those that bike and break down the barriers that are stopping people from biking.

Two Wheel View– Remember riding your bike to school or to your first job? Two Wheel View’s Earn a Bike program offers kids ages 11-17 the opportunity to learn about bike mechanics and earn themselves a bike so they can get themselves around. They also do bike trips for adults and youth to help them finance their programs if you’re interested in planning a vacation. They accept bikes and financial donations.

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