Going on a Pokemon hunt?



Feeling hungry after Pokemon hunting?  Avoid frantically eating or getting hangry while Pokemon hunting and check out some healthy snack ideas you can take with you. They’ll keep you fueled to be the very best so that you can catch them all.

Hard boiled eggs While they wouldn’t hatch into new Pokemon, hard boiled eggs are low in calories, pack protein and healthy fats and also have vitamin D, and B12.

Fruit It’s the season for fresh fruit so make sure you take advantage. There’s some fruit stands by Pokestops and you can also find saskatoon berries and raspberries on Calgary’s pathways. While berries don’t have healing properties like they did in the Pokemon video games, fruits are low in calories and fat and high in sugars, fibers and vitamins.

Veggies Slice up some veggies and grab some dip and you’re set to go. Similarly to fruits veggies are low in calories and fats and pack lots of fibers, vitamins and minerals.

Cheese While cheese is high in fat and sodium, it’s a great source of protein and calcium and is also filling. A serving is about the size of a couple dice or a domino, so don’t bring too much and make sure to eat it before it gets too warm. You can also get moon cheese or freeze dried cheese, making it a little easier to pack.

Peanut butter/Other nut butters Add some peanut butter to your celery or apples or create some peanut butter balls. While there’s lots of different recipes all you really need are some oats/oatmeal and some sort of seeds, carrot or coconut to give it some texture. They pack in protein, carbs and fats to quickly fuel you if you are determined to get to as many Pokestops as you can.

Be careful of

Juice Most juice is sweetened and many juices contain the same amount of sugar and calories as pop does. Juice also lacks the fibre that real fruit does which means the sugar in juice will get absorbed a lot more quickly and can turn into fat and lead to insulin resistance. Plus it wouldn’t give you as much energy over time so you can keep Pokemon hunting.

Granola Bars Similarly to juice and pop, granola bars can often be just as unhealthy as chocolate bars. It’s almost impossible to find a granola bar that’s doesn’t have chocolate or marshmallows in it  and most granola bars have sugar as one of the top ingredients. \While they may contain fiber, protein or be gluten free you’re better off eating something else.

Dried Fruits While dried fruit can be good for you and super convenient to bring since it’ s compact, a lot of dried fruit has been sweetened or covered in sugar. Check the ingredient list and read the packaging so you don’t get a sugar rush.


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