Healthy Fundraising Partners in Calgary

Tired of eating or stockpiling chocolates, cookies and other unhealthy foods to raise money for your team or organization? Check out some of the healthier fundraisers that your team or organization can participate in.

Fruits and Vegetables

Spud If you know people that buy their groceries off Spud, this will be one of the most flexible and easy fundraising options. No minimum purchase is required and organizations can run a fundraising campaign for as long as they want, with Spud doing the management. All organizers have to do is create a account with Spud and then get people to order set boxes of fruits and vegetables or buy gift cards from Spud to receive a portion of the sales. Spud is an organic online grocer, so if this isn’t appealing to your fundraising market, it will be a tough sell.

Farm To School Farm To School offers a one time vegetable fundraiser which can be scheduled from September to December. They sell bundles of carrots, onions, parsnips, potatoes and cabbage that are all Canadian grown for an affordable price. There is a 50 order minimum, which is pretty doable and organizations get 50% of the sales, a much higher margin than other fundraisers. It does require space big enough to store all the vegetables when they come in and organizers will also need to sort all the bundles and figure out how to distribute them.

Davison Orchards Davison Orchards is an apple farm in British Columbia. They sell their boxes in 15 pound increments, priced slightly above supermarket prices. There is an 80 order minimum and organizations get $8-$10 per box sold. Organizations need space for the entire order and will have to figure out distribution.

Coffee and Tea

Kicking Horse Coffee Groups can take part in a Kicking Horse Coffee fundraiser once a year. They’ll provide coffee at a discounted price and allow organizations to set what price they want to sell it for. A small space and some time spent distributing to buyers is needed. Kicking Horse Coffee is a local Calgary company and all their coffee is organic and fair trade.

Teariffic Teariffic is a local company offering all different types of hand blended teas. They have some unique flavors though the teas are priced high. They give organizations 30%-40% of the profit on teas sold, depending on how much is sold, more sales mean a higher percentage. Since tea is light and small, it doesn’t take up much space and isn’t hard to distribute.

Other Coffee and Tea options: Rosso Coffee, Big Mountain Coffee Roasters, InDeyGo, Grounded Tea, Naked Leaf

Other Food

Cobs Bread It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t love Cobs Bread. They have a great selection of whole grain bread that even the most picky eaters will eat. Groups can get 5% of sales from any of their supporters purchases, all people have to do is mention the group name at the till. As most purchases from Cobs aren’t big this fundraiser will take some time. This fundraiser also only works at one store location, it also works best if everybody lives in the same area.

Springbank Cheese Everybody has a hard time saying no to cheese, other than those who are lactose intolerant. There are 12 different types of cheeses in the fundraiser as well as gift baskets. Organizations will get $3 from each cheese sale. Fundraisers will need to store the cheese in a cold space and distribute the cheese fast.

Beef Jerky While beef jerky is generally high in sodium, it travels well and is a good source of protein. It also has a long shelf life if you want to buy a lot for a fundraiser. There are many different companies offering beef jerky fundraisers. Big Chief Meat Snacks, Ben’s Beef Jerky , Calgary Meats

Smoothie Vouchers While the majority of smoothies at most restaurants aren’t that healthy, both Booster Juice and Jugo Juice have a handful of healthy smoothie options. The vouchers are an easy sell for sports teams that practice or play close to Jugo Juice or Booster Juice as they’ll probably wind up going there anyways and they’ll save some money. Organizations get around 20% of profits though the minimum order is large. Booster Juice, Jugo Juice

Fill Your Freezer Organizations can order meat in bulk and get 20%-25% of the money spent. One of the best deals is the $5 steaks. They also sell cheese and other items. This fundraiser will require a drop off point with lots of space and a coordinated and prompt distribution.

General Fundraising

Flipgive Signing up with Flipgive allows groups to get money for every purchase that supporters make at participating stores. Many popular stores like Wal-Mart, Indigo, Gap and The Bay are included and stores typically give between 2%-15%. Popular sportswear stores include Sportchek, Atmosphere, Lululemon and Mountain Hardwear. Meal Kit Company Hello Fresh is also a part of Flipgive. This fundraiser is great if you know people that shop online and groups can run it the whole year and cash out whenever they want as long as the total is over $100.


Growing Smiles Growing Smiles operates a greenhouse in BC. They sell flowers and herbs in the spring, fall and winter season for fundraisers. Groups will need a large space for all the plants to get dropped off and relatively quick pick up or distribution

Vesey’s Vesey’s offers a selection of their flower bulbs and seeds at bulk pricing for organizations and gives you 50% of the sales. They are available almost the whole year round with a fall campaign and spring campaign. This is a great fundraiser in the springtime. The seeds and bulbs don’t require much room to store though they do need to be sorted in their orders and distributed.

Evergreen Greenhouses Evergreen Greenhouses is a greenhouse in Red Deer and runs spring plant fundraisers with flowers, herbs, tomatoes and strawberries as well as a winter poinsettia fundraisers.

Hopefully one of these healthy-ish fundraising products will work for your group. Remember to reach out early, as spots do fill up. We will be publishing a list of some active fundraiser ideas next week. Remember though a box of girl guide cookies every once in awhile wouldn’t kill you.

If you are a company that offers healthy fundraising options and would like to be added to the list get in touch with us.

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