How to Make Your at Home Workout Harder

Do you feel like your at home workout is a little easy but don’t have any equipment? Here are some ways that you can make your at home workout harder without traditional equipment.

1.Focus on Technique. Paying attention to technique throughout an exercise can make exercises a lot harder.

2. Slow Down. Going slowly with control will make an exercise feel a lot harder than it does at regular speed.

3. Add a pause. Or several. Pausing and holding at the hardest part of an exercise for 5-10 seconds will usually leave your muscles burning. Setting up a couple pause intervals in an exercise will up the difficulty even further.

4. Make some weights. For light weights, milk jugs, water bottles and soup cans can be used. A backpack or suitcase can be filled with books, pucks or water bottles for some slightly heavier weights though you would have to make sure they are pretty durable. I’m sure by known most people have seen videos of people lifting their pets and children as well. No fish or fish tanks please.

5. Go Dynamic. Try and push off the ground as fast as you can to get some air time. This is a good thing to practice even when you have weights. Do be cautious if you haven’t dome plyometrics before, have any injuries or any joint issues. You should not do these at a high volume unless instructed.

6. Try going unilateral. Instead of using both feet or arms, try just one. If that is too difficult, work up to it by staggering your arms and legs.

7. Try going at a set rhythm. Try and make sure you reps all stay around the same time and see how long you can hold that pace for.

8. Add in another set of exercises. Use the time that you usually spend commuting to the gym or studio to add in another set of exercises.

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