Local Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for someone who loves to be active? Check out some of our favorite products and support some awesome Calgary companies and people.

Integrate Desk Pedals- Fitneff Know someone that’s trying to get more active during their workday?  Integrate desk pedals are a great option for anyone that works in an office. The pedals can easily fit under most desks so you wouldn’t have to worry about office arrangements. The pedals can also be used as an elliptical for anyone that wants to take a break standing up. For those that like metrics, it tracks the number of steps taken, calories burned, steps per minute and the time used.  It has a variable resistance and is also great for seniors and anyone doing rehab or looking for some low intensity exercise that may not have the space for a larger machine.

Fitneff was started in 2015 with the creation of a treadmill desk called the Walktop. They now sell a gamut of things to keep people active in offices, schools and homes and are dedicated to trying to get people more active throughout the day. While they don’t have a retail location you can check them out at their website or catch them in their coworking space at ReSource YYC.



SoloRolo-SoloRolo The SoloRolo is the perfect gift for anyone that’s rehabbing an injury or has any muscle tightness which would probably cover everyone at some point. While it may look like a UFO, it’s design makes it easier to use than a tennis or lacrosse ball as it will stay in place without rolling away. Its compact size makes it great for carrying it in your gym bag or even just to work.

John Pathrose came up with the idea for the SoloRolo after needing to use a tennis ball to treat his injuries. You can find the SoloRolo online.

BongoBoard– Fitterfirst If you’re looking for a gift for a skateboarder,snowboarder or anybody that’s brave and wanting to improve their balance check out the Bongoboard. The Bongoboard is light, durable and small enough that everyone should have space for it.  The middle cylinder can also be removed making it very easy to transport. The ability to move and rock the board make it a lot more fun than a traditional balance board and allow people to do a lot more.  While the board comes with a few suggested ideas for use, there’s a plethora of ideas online.  The board is versatile and challenging enough to be enjoyed for many workouts and while it’s mainly designed to stand on, the Bongo Board can easily be used for a full body workout. While a moderate to high level of fitness is recommended for using the Bongo Board, it’s suitable for anyone that is ok with falling while using it.

Fitterfirst was started in 1985 in Calgary with the Pro Fitter, a piece of equipment that was originally designed to be used for skiers but is still used today by skiers and non skiers alike. Since then they have come up with many more innovate products and also carry a wide array of training, rehab and active office products from other companies. Check them out at 3050, 2600 Portland St SE or online.

Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor 4iii The Viiiiva heart rate monitor is the perfect gift for an endurance athlete.  The heart rate monitor is lightweight, comfortable and accurate. More impressively, the Viiiiva plays great with other devices like power meters and collects all the data and transmits it to your phone or tablet. Setup is easy and quick.

While 4iii is located in Cochrane, we consider this small powerhouse tech company close enough to call local. They also make power meters, LED and audio display for cyclers.

Leg Warmers-Riyoko Clothing Know a woman that’s always on the move? The leg warmers are water and wind resistant making them perfect for women to pull on and get where they need to in Calgary weather. They are small enough to be thrown into a day bag and also have a reflective strip for evening and nighttime safety.  Cleaning them is also a breeze since they can be thrown into the washing machine.

Kristi Woo started Riyoko clothing, designing and making all of the clothing herself. Although some of the clothing is now made in other places in North America its remained durable, stylish and comfortable. You can find Riyoko clothing at Crossroads Market, Whyte Museum Shop in Banff and online.

Leggings– Muladhara Yogawear Leggings have become a staple for women’s athletic wear. Muladhara Yogawear makes leggings in 3 different lengths and 6 different sizes, meaning you can buy them for your friends of all sizes. They are also high quality, look great and since they are handmade yo can be guaranteed there wouldn’t be too many people walking around in them.

Amanda Klimchuk originally founded Muladhara Yogawear just to create some durable leggings that could fit her 6 foot frame. All of the yogawear continues to be handmade in Calgary and the material are ethically and sustainably sourced. You can find them at My Yoga Calgary, soul Hot Yoga and online.

Lose it Right– James Fell Weight loss books aren’t usually a good read nor are they usually based on scientific evidence. Luckily this book goes against the grain for both of these and is one of the few diet books that we’d actually recommend. With the sea of horrible weight loss advice and products that are out there, if you know anyone that is looking to lose weight you almost have to buy this book for them so they don’t get sucked into a scam.

James Fell is a fitness writer who has written for the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Ask Men and many other publications. Find his book at Chapters or Amazon.


Calgary’s Best Walks– Lori Beattie Even a lifelong Calgarian will find some new pathways and sites in this book. Walking is a great way to explore the city and something almost everybody can do. The walks are rated by difficulty and length so people can pick what works best for them. Even people that don’t like walking will be converted with this book.

Lori Beattie runs Fit Frog Adventures which leads hikes, walks and snowshoes in Calgary and the surrounding area. You can often see her walking around the city. Find the Best Walks book online (pick up in Marda Loop), MEC, Owl’s Nest, Pages, Shelf Life, Chapters and the University of Calgary bookstore.

Stocking Stuffer

Oatmeal-Stoked Oats Whether you like your oats warm or cold, Stoked Oats make a great and fast breakfast for a high energy morning or day. Unlike most other oatmeals and cereals they don’t come packed with sugar. They come in 4 flavours and are also gluten free if you’re shopping for a celiac.

Stoked Oats was started by 3 athletes and made its debut at the Millarville Farmer’s Market. You can now find it Co-op, Save on, Sobey, Community Natural Foods and many other stores in Calgary as well as online.

For Kids

Toddler Yoga Mat– My OM Little Yoga Mat- Perfect for the child of any yogi, this toddler sized yoga mat comes in 5 different colors so you can choose a kid’s favorite and they can be just like mom or dad.

Mother Bonnie Blasetti-Clendon started creating children’s yoga mats after doing family yoga with her own child. Find My Om Little Yoga mat online.

Hockey Sticks– Raven Hockey- Know a little hockey player? Get them a Raven stick. Raven sticks are designed just for kids with low flexes and  kid sized lengths meaning they wouldn’t need a drastic cut down. They come in fun neon colors.

Raven hockey sticks was created by a group of hockey dads. Find Raven Hockey sticks at Professional Skate, Adrenalin Source for Sports and B and P Cycle.

Lucy Tries Luge– Lucy Bowes, James Hearne Encourage your kids to try sports with the Lucy Tries Sports series. We love the luge book because it’s great for teaching kids about a sport that’s not very well known and they can try it right here in Calgary.

Lisa Bowes is a sports reporter and host with a degree in kinesiology. Her book series aims to get kids physically literate and involved in sports. You can find the books at Owl’s Nest Books, Chapters or Amazon.

Stocking Stuffer

Recreation Stocking Stuffer– City of Calgary Recreation- For only $5 a child gets 3 free swim admissions at Calgary Recreation pools, 1 free skate admission at Calgary Recreation Arenas, 1 free Leisure Centre Admission, 1 free junior green fee, 1 free admission to Trico Centre, 1 free admission to Repsol, 1 free admission to Genesis Centre and 1 free admission to Vivo.

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