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Struggling to find presents for friends or family? Agonizing over creating the perfect holiday party or get together?

Make plans to create fun and unique moments together and take the pressure and time out of trying to find the perfect present. We’ve listed some of our favorite active get together ideas that will also burn a few calories. There’s a wide range of activities for every budget level, age and activity level.

While new and different experiences can always be hit and miss, at the very least it’ll give everyone some laughs and a good story to tell.
1.Sledding Pick up a few sleds and head to one of Calgary’s many hills, our favorite is St Andrew’s hill.

2. Skating Head to one of Calgary’s many outdoor or indoor rinks, or hit up some of the picturesque skating rinks in the mountains. Some of the best in Calgary are Olympic Plaza, Stanley Park, Bowness Park, Carburn Park and Prince’s Island. Skate rentals are available at Olympic Plaza, Bowness Park and the Olympic Oval. For an extra twist try speed skating at the Olympic Oval. If you’re looking at mountain rinks, there’s the iconic Lake Louise part of which is cleared and has an ice castle. For other mountain rinks and their conditions, check here.

3. Snowshoeing While snowshoeing may not be speedy, it makes it easy to keep everyone together and gives groups great chances to talk.  Snowshoes can be rented at Sportsrent, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Calgary Outdoor Centre and plenty of places in Banff, Canmore and Lake Louise.

4. Cross Country Skiing  Calgary maintains a number of trails for cross country skiing, provided there is enough snow. The Canmore Nordic Centre is also a great stop. There are lots of intro classes and courses to get you and your group started if you haven’t done it before. Skis can be rented at the same places as snowshoes.

5. Snowball Fight While a little hard to plan because you need good snowy weather, snowball fights are great active fun.

6. Biking Yes that’s right, biking is not just a summer thing. Fatbikes are great for navigating winter trails and gives people a new biking experience. They can be rented at Calgary Cycle, Nomad Gear Rentals and many places in Banff and Canmore. Trail conditions can be found here.

7. Paintball, Airsoft and Laser Tag One benefit of paintballing in the winter is that winter clothing can make paintballing less painful. Capture the Flag boasts a 116 acre paintball course. There are also multiple laser quest courses in the city and mobile laser tag companies.

8. Nerf Gun Wars Purchase some Nerf Guns, relive old times and see how much Nerf gun technology has improved. Super safe and can be done anywhere where you aren’t afraid of things breaking.

9. Trampoline Park Calgary has 3 trampoline parks. In addition to trampolining, they all also offer additional amenities. All of the parks have a dodgeball court. Flying Squirrel, which has two locations has a climbing wall, silks and an arcade. They also have a late night event Friday and Saturday nights where there’s music, lights and glow in the dark dodgeball. Injanation boasts both an adult and kids obstacle course along with it’s trampolines and several climbing walls.

10. Batting Cage Love to play ball or just want to release some stress? Swing for the fences at Absolute Baseball Academy or Pro Baseball Force.

11. Parkour Know a kid or an adult that’s always jumping over things and climbing walls? Head over to Breathe Parkour where everyone can learn how to scale walls and become a superhero.

12. Rock Climbing Climb on by checking out one of Calgary’s rock climbing gyms. If you’re going with kids or kids at heart you can go to one of Calgary Climbing Centre’s ClimbParks at the Hanger and Rocky Mountain Locations.

13. Bubble Soccer Play bubble soccer, or simply run around in a giant inflatable ball. People don’t need a structured game to have fun when they are encapsulated in an inflatable ball. Astrojump has a deal with the Calgary Soccer Centre for hosting events and other companies also rent inflatable balls.

14. Martial Arts If you have ever felt like kicking or punching one of your friends, you now have the perfect opportunity. Try 5 Elements to grab a private lesson for you and your friends.

15. Dance Take the awkwardness out of dance class by trying a private class with just your friends. Decidedly Jazz, Dance Energy or Soul Connexion can be booked for a private group lesson.

16. Circus Skills  Join the circus and head down to Calgary Circus Studio or Flip Factory.

17. Burlesque and Pole Dancing Have a fun girl’s night out and try a different kind of workout with Burlesquercise, Strut Fitness or Pole Junkies.

18. Aerial Yoga If regular yoga is too tame or people want to feel what it’s like to be suspended in the air, try aerial yoga at Pole Junkies or Yoga and Beyond.

19. Boxing Live out someone’s Rocky dreams and try stepping in the ring at Grizzly Cage. If your group simply want to release some frustration rather than learning true boxing techniques Rumble and UndrCard are boxing workout studios where you can let punches fly.

20. VR/AR Games Take your gaming up a notch and get a workout in at the same time with some VR or AR gaming. Many VR games are multiplayer so you’ll still get to interact with your friends and share some laughs.

21. Curling Want to tell your friends to hurry hard? Check out Huntington Hills Curling Club, one of the only places with equipment for rent and who will also give you a demo with your rental.

22. Swimming A childhood party favorite and a good way to ensure that the swimming lessons your parents dragged you to haven’t gone to waste decades later. To make things even more fun the Talisman Centre also offers inflatables while the University of Calgary offers inner tube water polo,  relay races and game facilitation.

23. Archery Tag For any Hunger Games fans archery tag gives people the chance to test their archery and dodging skills. Try it out at Archery Games Calgary, ThundrDome or Capture the Flag.

24. Enjoy some Christmas Lights. Holiday light displays will put anyone in a good mood. Check out Zoo Lights at the zoo where you can also go skating and throw some axes. The Airdrie Festival of Lights is free and also has skating. Or simply take a walk around your neighborhood and admire some of your neighbor’s light displays.

25. Float Spa Just want to relax? Try out a sensory deprivation tank. While you wouldn’t be able to interact with your friends at all while in the tanks, the experience will either relax everyone or give everyone a unique experience to talk about.

26. Learn to cook Play some ironchef/masterchef with your friends or simply spend some time making something together that people will enjoy. If you live in the south, the South Health Campus hospital offers a variety of healthy cooking classes in their wellness kitchen. SAIT offers classes from some of the best chefs in the city.

Updated for 2019

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