Miles for Microcredit


Ever wanted to race your coworkers?  Or maybe you just want a Pokemon medal or want to learn more about microcredit? Miles for Microcredit is one of the only timed lunchtime races in the downtown Calgary area and has something for everyone.

What originally started as one man’s fundraiser has quickly transformed and grown to become more encompassing, inclusive and impactful. Patrick Mcnaught, the race founder started raising funds for microcredit loans in university by collecting and selling used textbooks. After graduating he wanted to continue contributing and joined Open to Grow, a Calgary charity providing microcredit loans and foundational business training to underprivileged women in Guatemala. He started Miles for Microcredit as a way to raise funds for Open to Grow, dedicating himself to running and cycling 2842 miles, the distance from Calgary to Guatemala City.  Wanting to involve more people and raise more awareness about Open to Grow he opened the event up last year and invited people to Prince’s Island to log the miles they ran, walked and cycled with the goal of reaching a collective 2842 miles.  While the event fell short in mileage reaching just over 2000 miles, over $20 000 was raised and more than 250 people participated.

This year is the third Miles for Microcredit event and the first year that there will be a timed race event. For only $15 racers can run or walk a 5k or 10k and receive a Pokemon medal for participating. The top 3 male and women finishers will also get an award. While racers and participants are encouraged to donate or fundraise if they can, people can also still participate for free. Everyone is welcome to head down to Prince’s island and log the miles they wheel, walk or run and contribute to the 2842 mile goal. Anyone that logs their miles will also be entered to win draw prizes. People that can’t make it down can also log their miles online.



Miles for Microcredit 

Open to Grow


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