What’s Wheeling on the Pathways

Loving the Calgary pathways but looking to change up your pathway routine?

Here’s a guide to some of the new and some of the unusual stuff that’s rolling onto Calgary’s pathways.

Pathway Trends

Rollerblades While rollerblades never really went away completely, they’re definitely seeing a resurgence on the Calgary paths. It’s a lower impact activity than running and is great for working your leg muscles. If you want to join in but need a new pair of blades check out Shoptask, they’ll get you rolling in no time. They’ll also rotate your wheels for free and have a free skills and pathway meetup on Sundays. Rollerblades generally run from $100-$400.



Electric Skateboards If you’re waiting for a Tesla, consider
buying a Boosted board instead which proclaims that it’s the lightest electric vehicle. It’s hard to tell if electric skateboards are just a novelty or not since there’s just a few ripping around on Calgary pathways, if you get one though you’ll definitely have some pathway cred.  Boosted boards, the main brand of electric skateboard top out at around 20 mph and while you wouldn’t get much exercise using one, it might make commuting to work without a driving a little easier and you’ll still get to be outside and standing up.  You can buy them online for around

Folding bikes  While folding bikes were designed for making commutes easier so bikes could easily be stashed in trains, cars or stored; they’ve also become popular for just biking around. The smaller frame makes them easier to maneuver and they can also be easier to get on for anyone with hip problems. The original brands are the Tern, Dahon and Montague although MEC and other brands now also have folding bikes. They run from $500-$2000


Adult Tricycles While it’s mainly seniors riding them, they’re great for anyone that wants some more stability. It can also make it easier to transport things and they’re designed for a more comfortable leisurely riding style.

Recumbent Bicycles/Tricycles While most people choose a recumbent bike because of comfort/injury, recumbent bikes are also great for going fast and can give you a completely different feeling and learning curve from riding a bike. 

Unicycle While riding a unicycle can take awhile to get the hang of, you’ll have the advantage of being able to do whatever you want with your hands. Seeing someone ride a unicycle always brings a smile to everyone’s face as well and they are also smaller to cart around than a bike. 

Velomobile Similar to a recumbent bike/trike but fully enclosed, a velomobile is great for riding in the elements.



If you’ve seen or are riding any other cool stuff on the pathways let us know!


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