Selena’s Tips for a Happy and Healthy Life

Selena Neily is an exercise physiologist and yoga instructor, if you missed out on her interview last week covering what an exercise physiologist does check it out here.

*Consider it a Journey of Practice – look at your overall health and fitness as a multifaceted discipline and something to practice daily. Each day will encompass different approaches in each area but all are equally important . . .nutrition, movement, meditation. . .they all have an impact of your functional wellness.

*Simplicity- when you feel overwhelmed by information overload return to what makes sense for you and keep it simple. Ask yourself this. . .what do I like to do that makes me move, what food do I like that is fresh -from the earth, tree or water and what can I do or not do that will bring a sense of peace or presence to my day? Using these answers as a starting place to begin or restart your wellness journey enables a sense of direction that is personal and purposeful.

*Be Honest- be open and honest with where you are at in your journey of health and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Professional and personal supports are key in maintaining a lifelong journey. Try to use social settings as an opportunity to connect with friends, family and peers in a healthier manner . . . for example a coffee date can morph into a walk and talk and arrive at a cafe at the halfway mark. . . move together, create conversation and find that one person in your life that can be your health and fitness buddy.

*Finally, try to let go of guilt of the ‘ not doing enough, not being enough and wanting more’ . . . we are human and we WILL have human moments…so let’s just recognize this and then let it go and know that the worry of such things only causes undue stress where it’s not needed.

Our health and this life is a gift…one to be cherished and experienced…find a way to do it well.


A big thanks to Selena for taking time to share this information with us! Selena currently provides in home services with the hope that she will be about to make reconditioning a more accessible option for a wider demographic who do not wish to be in a gym or clinical setting. She also teaches classes in a studio and offers specialized classes for children at Peak Studio in Chestermere.

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