Calgary Attractions that Fit

Have visitors coming this summer? Don’t relegate your guests to sneaking in a workout at the hotel gym. There’s tons of great attractions and experiences where guests and locals can have fun, get their blood pumping, and truly experience Calgary.

1)Injanation What do you get when you combine climbing, ninja warrior courses for every level and a trampoline park? A whole lot of fun, for every age. There’s even an area for baby ninjas.  Staff are some of the most attentive that I have seen at any children’s destination in Calgary and there’s also ample spaces to sit and watch if someone can’t play.

2) Canada Olympic Park Head out and see one of the sites of the 88 Olympics. While the hills are mainly used for skiing and snowboarding in the winter, there’s plenty to do in the summer as well. Try going for a hike or trail run up one of the many scenic yet steep paths and catch a great view of the city; try some mountain biking on the hills or check out the performance training centre that was opened a few years ago, designed to give people a workout centre similar to those of Olympic athletes. Other attractions on site also include: Public skating, shinny, stick and puck, a mini golf course, Canada’ Sports Hall of Fame, bobsled rides, zipline,  a children’s activity centre and Skyline Luge.

3) ClimbPark in The Hangar and Rocky Mountain Climbing Centre The  ClimbPark looks like all of the climbing parts off video games. Guests can climb up ladders, moving gears, glow in the dark holes, fake trees and more.  Children as young as 6 can climb and there’s no need to worry about belaying. If people are feeling inspired to keep climbing after, they can head to the regular climbing walls. Lessons are also offered for all ages.

climbpark2 climb park

4) Trampoline Park Flying Squirrel and Extreme Air Park are both large trampoline parks. While Extreme Air Park advertises itself as Canada’s Largest Indoor Trampoline Park, Flying Squirrel advertises itself as the largest indoor trampoline fun park. While they both may be guilty of some sly wordsmithing, we assure people that both are plenty big. While most people prefer Flying Squirrel, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re surrounded by trampolines.  Both also have evenings where they’re open until midnight and have DJs and black lights if people want to try jumping instead of clubbing. If you have a lot of guests try booking online or phoning to see how busy it is.

5) Fish Creek Park The provincial park is the largest urban parks in Canada and one of the largest urban parks in North America. Visitors can bike, hike, walk or run and lose themselves in the park for the day. It’s a great place to spot wildlife and to show visitors the impact of the 2013 flood as you can point out the rebuilt bridges and see how high the water was in some areas. The park also has fire pits and picnic tables if you want to bring some food, just make sure there are no fire bans on. If you don’t feel like bringing food the park also has a restaurant and bakery.

fishcreekpark fish creek park

6) Shaw Millennium Park When built in 2000, it was the largest skate park in North America. Since than a few skateparks have surpassed it but it’s still among the top. It’s massive, concrete, open to bikes, scooters, rollerbladers and skateboarders and open 24 hours a day.  While it’s not the best place for beginners or young children, more advanced skaters will have a blast. If not all guests are interested in the skatepark there’s also a basketball court and beach volleyball court onsite.

7) Cor. Fit Have guests that love obstacle course races or watching American Ninja Warrior? Check out some of the obstacles and train to overcome them at Cor.Fit,  Canada’s largest obstacle race training facility. They have classes for kids, adults and families that you can drop into.

8) Decidedly Jazz Danceworks While Calgary isn’t known as a dance mecca, Decidedly Jazz has carved a name out for itself  in the dance world withs it’s style of jazz. They just opened their new centre a couple months ago and their glass design gives you some of the best views of the city while you’re getting your groove on. Teens and adults can drop into a variety of different classes and there are many classes for beginners.


9) B Line Park This newly opened indoor bike park has areas for everyone. There’s a beginner area and pump track that even kids on striders can use, jumplines of varying difficulties and jumps into a foam pit. For anyone that can’t bike there are also plenty of tables to sit at. Bikes, helmets and pads are available for rent and helmets are mandatory for those biking.

10) Telus Spark Playground While built for kids, adults will get more than a kick out of this playground. It features a 36 foot tower leading to a 63 foot slide.  You can choose to climb straight up the netting to get on the slide if you want an extra challenge or take it slow and rest on the platforms that are every meter. While it’s usually pretty busy with kids, the Spark has Adult Only Nights where you can drink and then attempt the climb without running or stepping on anyone.

11) River Surfing Calgary’s not anywhere close to the ocean, nor do we have any large lakes in the city so people make do with what we have and surf in the river. Lessons are available from Rocky Mountain River Surfing.

12) Breathe Parkour Check out Calgary’s only parkour centre. The staff are great and you can either sign up for a class or if you know what you are doing drop in to their open gym. There’s even an adults only Open Gym.

13) The Pathway System Calgary has one of the most extensive urban pathway systems in North America so head out and explore it. Bike, rollerblade, walk or run. Bikes and rollerblades are available for rent at the Eau Claire Rapid Rent. Bikes are also available for rent at Reworks.

14) Bike Tours Do you know someone that loves to ride their bike? If so they’ll love exploring the city on bike.  If not they’ll still really like it since the bike tours are just that good. From art to beer there’s different tours to cater to everyone.  Even local Calgarians are sure to be entertained and for those that aren’t that confident riding on the streets bike tours give you a great introduction. Reworks offers non beer tours and Pedal Pub, Canadian Craft Tours and Urban Pedal Tours offer beer tours.

15) Archery Tag What better way to hang out with your family than to try and shoot them with arrows? For any fans of the Hunger Games or other teen dystopian or fantasy movies/novels they’ll get a chance to live out their dreams. For anyone else it’s like taking dodgeball up to a new level. Archery tag is available at Archery Games Calgary and ThundrDome.

16) Rec Room The Rec Room is chockful of arcade and virtual reality games, many of which require you to move. Along with traditional favorites like skee ball and basketball there’s also some great new tech games like an AR climbing wall. They also have snookball, pool with a twist, instead of using pool cues you’re kicking soccer balls.

17) Walking Tours  If you want a less intensive way to get active try a walking tour. Walking gets visitors and long time residents to see parts of the city up close like they haven’t before. And even native Calgarians are probably going to pick up a new fact or two on one of the tours. Walking tours are offered by Walk the YYC and Calgary Walks and Bus Tours, some of them are even free. If you want to go at your own pace grab a copy of Calgary’s Best Walk’s and follow one of their routes.

18) Trapeze For anyone that’s had dreams of joining the circus or that wants to fly, you can feel what it’s like to get on a trapeze. Rocky Mountain Flying Trapeze is close to Calaway Park and offers classes for anyone that’s 6 years or older.

If people are more interested in a traditional workout here are some of the best Calgary studios, classes and gyms.

Lagree YYC Similar to a pilates reformer,  a lagree workout uses a megaformer as a low impact way to work your whole body. While not unique to Calgary, there’s only one other studio in Canada so chances are good many of your Canadian visitors may not have experienced it.

High Fitness This high energy class blends dance and fitness moves to the perfect mix of pop songs. While this class is spreading all over North America, it’s co-creators started the classes in Calgary and continue to teach here.  There are also several other great instructors and classes all over the city.

Heavens Fitness Lift weights, do yoga, spin, take a HIIT class and more. Heavens Fitness has a wide variety of of fitness classes and is known for having some some of the best fitness trainers in Calgary.

TKO Fitness This boxing based conditioning circuit  is led and created by former boxer and fitness expert Pete Estabrooks.

Ballet Barre Works  While barre workouts are everywhere now, Ballet Barre Works program was created in Calgary and differentiates itself from other barre studios by incorporating more choreography and balletic elements.

MMA University If guests love to fight or want to learn some moves and get a great workout in, this is the place to go. Women’s only classes are also offered.

Bungee Canada Get a workout with a little bit of bounce to it, while still keeping things low impact.

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