The Hunt Is On In Calgary

The weather’s getting warm, covid cases are going down and scavenger and treasure hunts abound in Calgary. The hunts are a great way of exploring the city, or looking at the city in a different light for those that have seen it all. They accommodate different ages and are a great way to get some steps in while socializing.

Free Hunts

Golden Prairie Dog Hunt
Prairie Dog Brewing runs an annual Golden Prairie Dog Hunt. If someone finds the golden prairie dog figurine they win a free meal every week for the year. The first clue is given out on Friday through Prairie Dog Brewing’s social media accounts with additional clues following on Saturday and Sunday if it isn’t found. There’s two more hunts left to go this year on June 11 and June 18.

Hide and Seek
Play City has been running Hide and Seek for the past few years. This year Play City has teamed up with Parks Foundation Calgary. Every other week a sign is put out in one of the City of Calgary parks and a recorded video of the sign’s location in the park is posted on Instagram. People that post a picture of the sign on Instagram are entered into a draw to win a $50 MEC gift card along with a bike light and phone pocket.

Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt
The Core Shopping Centre, Calgary Downtown Association and Treasure League have created a Father’s Day weekend scavenger hunt around Stephen Ave. There are a dozen riddles to solve and teams will take selfies in front of the locations that they find. Groups that complete the scavenger hunt will be entered to win a $500 gift card for the Core. All participants will also get a coupon code to play a free Treasure League online game. Players can choose to play June 19th or 20th.

Bike Tag
Biketag is played in locations around the world and launched in Calgary at the end of May. A picture of a bike in a mystery location is posted on the Calgary Biketage website and social media along with a hint. Once people have figured out where the mystery location is they can ride their bike there, take a picture and then find a new site and take a picture of their bike there for the next round.

Calgary Rocks
Lots of painted rocks have popped up in Calgary during the pandemic. If you want to go search for them YYC Rocks has saved stories of the rocks and the neighborhoods that they have placed them in. Other people have also painted rocks and scattered them around Calgary and have posted their accounts or hashtags on the back to track them .

Tourist Scavenger Hunt
Tourist Scavenger Hunts creates scavenger hunts around the world. There is usually a charge but Calgary’s scavenger hunt is still being tested so people can play for free. The hunt takes people through Calgary’s downtown attractions and involves solving riddles, identifying landmarks and finding clues with points given out for answers. Teams that complete the hunt can compare their score on the scoreboard.

App/ Pay to Play Scavenger Hunts

Mystery Towns
Mystery Towns is a mystery themed hunting and clue solving game made by a Canmore company. They have an indoor and an outdoor hunt in Calgary and also have hunts in Canmore, Banff, Cochrane, Crowsnest Pass and Kananaskis. Clues lead players to different locations where they’ll have to solve a puzzle. Scores are kept so teams can see where they stand.

Let’s Roam
Let’s Roam is a scavenger hunt company that runs scavenger hunts across the world. Their Calgary hunt explores Calgary’s downtown. It features some of Calgary’s most famous landmarks with 20 challenges involving puzzles and taking pictures.

Franks Marketing Company
Franks Marketing Company runs several different scavenger hunts where people find items in their city and take pictures of them. The more items that a team finds, the more points that they get. They have a zombie themed hunt, a player directed hunt, a quest themed one and more.

Yousleuth is an augmented reality game which can be done in any neighborhood. Players explore their neighborhood to get information and try and figure out who the criminal is.

Happy hunting!

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