The Least Intimidating Fitness Options in Calgary

Walking into a gym, studio or sports field for the first time can be intimidating. If you’re worried about feeling out of place for your first workout, here are some of the best places to try your first workout in. These places and classes have people of all ages, all body types and ability levels and don’t have an unspoken dress code.

1)The Local Community Centre Most community centres offer fitness options that are affordably priced and laid back. They’re also a great opportunity to meet some of your neighbours. Some of the more common offerings include yoga, various forms of aerobics and pickleball. Check your community newsletter if you aren’t sure of the community centre’s close to you.

2)By Donation Yoga Outdoor Yoga Calgary welcomes people of all abilities and ages. In the summertime people often bring their dogs and children and there are often people that have never been to a yoga class before. No registration is required and people can easily slip in late or leave early. This year they are also doing some indoor classes. While there isn’t much individual attention or correction, it’s a great nonchalant yoga class. Flow and Restore Yoga is another by donation yoga class which welcomes all. The Calgary Library also has monthly yoga classes.

3)Dance As well as yoga, the Central Library also hosts monthly or bimonthly dance sessions. The first hour is generally a lesson followed by a couple hours of open dance.

4)The Gym If you’re looking to use a gym/fitness centre most recreation centre gyms have a wide variety of patrons. They also don’t try and pressure you into personal training or getting a membership. If you’re looking for a place that’s quiet check out the Beltline Fitness Centre.

5)ParkRun Parkrun is a free weekly 5km run that happens all over the world. It is non competitive and people are welcome to walk. For those interested in their results though it is timed so you can track your training. After the run there is a post run coffee social.

6)All Sport One City Once a year Sport Calgary puts on a week of free sports and fitness trial sessions. It’s a great time to try something new, as everybody else will be trying it too.

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