7 Things to Do in September in Calgary

As we head back into school, work and another month of Covid, here are 7 new fun outdoor things to check out in Calgary.

1)Glenmore Dam Pathway Reopening
After 3 years, the Glenmore Dam Pathway has been reopened. It features the same great views it once had as well as some upgraded pathway and signs telling you about the dam improvements. You can follow the pathway around the whole reservoir or go down to Sandy Beach.

2) Pump Tracks
2 Paved pump tracks opened this summer. The South Glenmore Pump Track is right off the reservoir pathway and has been packed ever since it opened. there are kids on strider bikes and parents on bmx bikes, as well as all ages in between. The Fairview Pump track is also closeby in Fairview. With the South Glenmore Pump track opening it has been less busy though it also has very limited parking. In addition to bikes, the pump tracks can also be ridden on skateboards, rollerblades and scooters.

BUMP, The Beltline Urban Mural Project that’s been running since 2017 grew even bigger this year, even with the pandemic. 20 new murals were painted this summer and there are now over 50 murals in the Beltline. You can look at the locations on their website or follow one of 5 routes/tours that they have online.

4) Sunnyside Murals
Sunnyside has also continued to add more murals to its collection. This summer they added 8 new garage murals, 3 shipping container murals and 4 more murals on houses and fences. Check out this map with all of Sunnyside’s art to plan a route. You can also go look for the fairy house at Riley Park.

5) East Village Art
In late July St Patrick’s Island got some fun art that helps promote social distancing. Its only here until the end of September so make sure you catch it while you can. They have also put together some (De)Tours for people to explore the area at their own pace.

6) Deerfoot City
Deerfoot City has an outdoor art installation that is great for any Instagrammers. They also have outdoor lawn games for people to play.

7) Inglewood Park Park
Inglewood has transformed one of their parking lots into a colorful gathering space. It includes picnic tables, a charging station, bike pump, little free library and a sometimes basketball net. It’s a great place to grab some photos, eat some lunch and then go shop. If you have kids Mills Park and Pearce Estate Park are also nearby.


If you’re looking for a fun outdoor volunteer opportunity, Silvera is looking for walking group and trishaw bike volunteers.

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