Tips for Staying Fit During Covid19

Has your exercise regime fallen to the wayside the last few weeks? If it has you aren’t alone. Here are some tips on getting some exercise in while we go through a pandemic and all the gyms and studios are closed.

1.Keep going outside. While you might not have any more trips to school, work or other activities for the time being, make sure you keep going outside. The outdoors is always a good place to get your heart pumping with some running, biking or stairs. Even if you just do a short walk, you get the benefits of a change of scenery, some vitamin D, some fresh air and a chance to say hello to your neighbors. Studies have shown that going outside can help with sleep and mood.
For some extra entertainment, many neighborhoods in Calgary host window walk scavenger hunts where people decorate their windows according to a theme.
Do make sure to try and stay six feet away from people while you are outside. If you live in an apartment, do use some precautions when taking the elevator and consider taking the stairs if they are more quiet.

2.Try to schedule your workout in. Scheduling time for workouts is always a good idea, even if you feel like you have all the time in the world right now. It’s easy to get sucked into the news and with no pressure to get to a class or session on time, it can be tempting to just keep putting a workout off. Set up workout times and make sure that you are setup a few minutes prior to the workout. If you live with other people, particularly children, make sure that they’re either out of your way or ready to participate with you.

3. Keep the social aspect of your workout. For many people socializing before, during or after their workout is just as important as their workout. If you usually go to a studio, check if they are hosting online classes. Many of the classes allow you to see everyone or chat with other participants. You can also try and virtually connect with a few friends before or after a workout and do a post workout food or beer video chat.
If you don’t enjoy fitness classes, you can take turns leading workouts or sharing exercises with your gym buddies. Another option is to set up a weekly or monthly challenge group.

4.Try new things. If your old workout doesn’t seem inspiring or appealing at all during this time, try something new. There are tons of free and cheap online classes and programs. You can also still order any equipment that you need and get it delivered or dropped off at your door. It’s a good time to try something with no obligation to stick around.

5. Remember some movement is better than no movement. If you find yourself physically or mentally exhausted and can’t fathom the idea of working out some days, that’s ok. Do try and walk and stretch for a few minutes and see if it makes you feel better or more interested in moving. If it doesn’t that’s ok.
For the gym rats and anyone that was training for a race or competition, know that everyone is in the same boat as you. All competitions and races are cancelled for the immediate future and you will be able to get in the shape that you were in before. Now is a great time to work on injury prevention and to try new things.

While working out may seem superfluous during a pandemic, it’s important to remember that it is great for your mental health as well as your physical and is something that you can easily control.

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