Tips to Buying a Gym Membership

Unfortunately, unless you want to be giving a monthly payment of $50-$1000 for the rest of your life to the gym, one does not simply buy a gym membership. Here are some tips so you can make the most of your gym membership and also be able to cancel it if you don’t need it.  1. First figure out when in your schedule you would be going to the gym. A lot of people sign up for gym memberships thinking they’ll start to go more once they have a membership, this usually winds up working out poorly for the person and great for the gym. If you’re going once a week or less, it might be better to just drop in.

2. Choose a location that is convenient for you, likely a place that is close to or on the way to or from your home or work. While it may seem appealing to save some money by choosing a place further away, it’s not going to be appealing to drive there in the middle of the winter.

3. Prepare yourself for an aggressive sales pitch. If you’re the type of person that struggles with this make sure yo go in firmly knowing that you wouldn’t be purchasing anything that day. Once you’ve decided that you aren’t going with a gym give a hard no response, otherwise they’ll keep trying to contact you. If you want to skip this and the hassle of contract cancellation go to a City of Calgary gym or other city built facility.

4. Take a tour. All gyms should offer a tour, though some may need you to book ahead in advance. During the tour look at the equipment and what condition it is in, see how much free space is available, check out the dressing room, make sure the lockers are secure, read any posted rules and look at the gyms’ general cleanliness and organization. Bonus: If you never end up making it to the gym again, at least you can say you know what it looks like.Congratulationss on finally finding out what the inside of your gym looks like.

5. Make sure you can do what you want in the gym. If you want to use chalk, deadlift, wear a sports bra or tank top, use cardio machines for more than half an hour or film yourself, make sure it’s allowed.

6. Use the free or discounted trial if they have one. This will allow you to see how busy the gym is when you want to go and will let you see how much you will use the gym.

7. Look for a discount. Chain gyms run promotions all the time and can also have partnerships with other organizations for discounts. There are also plenty of discounted gym memberships to take over on Kijiji or Facebook, just make sure you read the fine print and go to the gym to finalize.

8. Once you are ready to sign up for a gym membership read over the contract as if the monthly fee charged for your whole life depended on it. At any of the steps it’s not too late to turn back… until now. Also be sure that you have a copy of it.

9. Try your hardest to see if the gym will swing a monthly cash payment. There’s way too many people that have had gyms charge their credit card or take money out from their bank account after they have followed the steps to cancel their membership. If you have the choice between giving them your banking info or credit card, choose credit card as you can dispute the charge and get a new card if needed. Many gyms will also try and get you to give friends or families names to try and sell them gym memberships. Unless someone specifically wants this, just pretend that you have no friends and are an orphan.

10. Once you’ve got the gym membership, enjoy. Try and schedule some time to go to the gym each week and say hello to the people that you see. Make some friends and try different things if you want to change it up. Make sure to ask for a spot when you need it and also keep your old friends by not constantly talking about working out.

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