Train Like the Pros: Inferno Off Ice Workout

Want to train like a pro?

We dropped into a summer off ice session with three Calgary Inferno players Iya Cavrilova, Hayleigh Cudmore and Jacquie Pierri to see what their summer off season training looks like and how they manage to juggle playing and training at a competitive level with the rest of their lives.

Check out the video below for what a typical workout session looks like for them.

While squats and olympic lifts are obviously a big part of training, ankle and hip mobility are are also something that they work on everyday for injury prevention. There’s also a lot of focus on explosive leg work to mimic what they need for skating. Jumps and plyometrics are common on days that they don’t do Olympic lifting.

The three work out together three times a week, usually joined by another Inferno player Erica Kromm. They all agree that working out together is better than working out alone. The players feel more motivated and enjoy both the support that comes along with working out with your teammates, as well as the competition. It’s also a chance for them to get to regularly see each other during the off season.

After the 6:15 workout, Pierri bikes home and then rushes to her job as a project manager. In the evenings she’ll box with some of her Inferno teammates, condition or play rec softball or hockey. Cavrilova who works full time in finance also rushes to work after the morning workouts. On the days she doesn’t have a group workout she’ll get a workout in during her lunch hour or after work. She tries to cook her meals during the weekend so that she has more time during the week. Cudmore, who recently finished her law degree found herself with a brief break over the summer.  She joined the Calgary Hornets Rugby team which takes up two or three nights a week. She also boxes with other members of the Inferno and makes sure that she conditions three times a week and lifts a few times a week.

Cudmore will also soon be entering a busier schedule as she starts articling and admits to being a little scared and unsure about how to balance hockey with long hours at a law firm. During the hockey season, the team has two practices a week and usually plays two games on the weekend. Players also try to hit the gym a few times throughout the week, making for a pretty packed week especially with all the weekend travel. For Pierri trying to juggle this with work is definitely a struggle. She often finds herself short on sleep and without time to cook.

For Pierri and her teammates though, the grueling schedule is worth it. Cavrilova finds that playing hockey and working out is good stress relief and something that helps her personal and work life. For Cudmore playing hockey makes her happy and for Pierri playing on a team and striving to win the Clarkson Cup are worth a lot more than extra sleep and home cooked meals. Pierri is adamant that “you can make time for anything you value in your life” and all three of the Inferno players are good examples of this embracing the sacrifice of the playing high level hockey because of how much hockey means to them.

 Photo Credit and Copyright:Dave Holland/Canadian Sport Institute Calgary


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