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Not very political?  Politics has that rare quality of being able to both be a sh*tshow and be totally boring so we can’t entirely blame you. That being said we also really love Calgary and want it to keep becoming a better place. And from what you eat and drink, to how you get around and how you play, municipal politics plays a larger role in your life than you might think.

The Cycle Tracks

Bike commuting can provide more benefit to your health than any other workout. The much contested downtown cycle tracks have done a pretty good job of getting more people out riding but but there’s still a lot more that we can do. Check out what candidates support the cycle tracks here  and a little bit more of what candidates have to say on biking here .


While Calgarians definitely have an appetite for local food, some of Calgary’s bylaws may be stifling it. As cities grow, urban agriculture has both become more and more popular and more and more important. In most Canadian cities bylaw has not done a good job of keeping up with this, Calgary in particular though is behind. To find out more about what the city can be doing to allow and encourage more urban farming and make fruits and vegetables more accessible for people check out this survey.

Parks and Recreation

From parks and playgrounds to swimming pools and rinks, no matter what type of activity you do the city is probably involved. While people are constantly demanding more facilities and better upkeep, these things cost money and people are also constantly asking for lower taxes. Calgary has recently become more hospitable to skateboarders as some much needed skateparks have been built and ramps are also now allowed in backyards. The city has also moved away from running any of the new facilities it builds and may do the same with the golf courses. Check out this survey to see how candidates value parks and this survey to see which candidates value skateboarding.


In 2011 city council voted to discontinue water fluoridation, rather than upgrade the water fluoridation systems. A few years later the O’Brien Institute found that Calgary kids were experiencing significantly more tooth decay than their Edmonton counterparts who still had fluoridated water. Many dentists, Calgary’s medical health officer, the Alex Community Health Centre and doctors have called for the city to re-introduce water fluoridation and it was a major topic in Calgary’s election before Calgary’s election stopped being about issues. Here are candidates current positions on fluoride though some seem to have changed during the election or depending on who they are talking to.

Other Good Sources of Information

The Calgary Herald’s We asked candidates to take a stand on issues– Note who suggested their friends take transit or bike to a destination versus those who only saw uber or driving as an option

Metro Calgary’s Politics in the Park  Watch the candidates talk about what’s important to them and also see who has the best dance moves.


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